Posted: Jun 09, 2012 9:00 AM
Remember that dangling charm bracelet your grandmother wore? Charm bracelets are back -- with a modern twist. They are a great way to collect memories of special events and times. Take a look at these pretty charming bracelets we found to add some jingle to your wrist.

silver link bracelet

Silver link bracelet

This beautiful silver link bracelet ($39) would be cute enough to wear even without charms. The simple link style makes adding charms easy and gives you enough space to add charms for years to come.

Juicy Couture bracelet

Toggle-clasp bracelet

This classic starter charm bracelet from Juicy Couture ($58) is very popular right now, in both gold and silver tones. We love how easy the charms are to attach to these bracelets and the trendy heart-shaped charm that's already included. Be forewarned -- buy one of these for yourself and your daughter is likely to borrow it.

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Bead-style bracelet

This sterling silver lobster clasp Pandora bracelet ($45) is for collecting the popular Pandora bead-like charms. The charms are threaded onto the bracelet, and can also be used on necklaces and watches. These bracelets are also available in leather at the same price.

What about the charms?

There are so many options available in charms that you may need a second bracelet. There are charms to represent hobbies, vacation spots, favorite things, your children and even your pets. Here are a few we fell in love with.

Your loves

Your children are always in your heart, but now they can be on your wrist, too. We love the classic look of these silhouette charms ($12), which can be engraved with your child's name and birth date. This cute baby shoe charm ($35) is so collectible you may want another baby. Modern insignia charms ($50) can represent your child's initials or simply your family name.

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What springs to mind when you see this cute flip-flop sandal charm ($48)? If you said a vacation at the beach, then we're right there with you. Collecting charms in cute shapes that remind you of vacations or special times is a great way to stir memories, even when you are just standing in line at the grocery store. We also love this bird cage charm ($24) as a reminder of a time you spread your wings.

heart beadbadminton bead


There are hundreds of beautiful options in the bead-style charm bracelets. This heart bead charm ($35) is one of our favorites. This badminton birdie bead ($65) might be a special reminder of a fun summer afternoon.

You can't go wrong!^ No matter what style you choose, a charm bracelet can be a charming way to collect special memories and keep the things that you cherish close to your heart.

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