We all have that one thing that we refuse to give up after we have kids. Whether it's a great pair of sunglasses, a gorgeous purse or stylish jeans, there’s one thing that keeps us feeling like more than just a mom. We asked real moms to share their must-haves and here's what they offered up.

It's all too easy for moms to lose their personal style once they have kids. We become so focused on meeting the needs of our children that we're often left looking tired and disheveled.

Once I had my daughter, I realized that if I kept carrying a great purse, no one would look at the spit up stains or yoga pants. So, no matter what I'm wearing, I try to always carry an eye-catching bag.

I was curious about what other real moms can't live without. When I asked them, "What's your signature style must-have?" here's what they had to say:


Dress down^ Christina Holt, allParenting writer: 

I’m more of a dress down kind of person, not intentionally, I just don’t have a lot of time to get dressed... or do laundry for that matter. So I’m all about accessories! A pair of skinny jeans and a plain T-shirt can instantly be saved with an infinity scarf, long layered necklace or small-scarfbrimmed hat. Simple accessories are easy to grab at the last minute and a lot easier (and cheaper) to buy than trying to keep up with the fast-changing trends. Plus, yoga pants and a scarf go surprisingly well together.


Miranda Wicker, who blogs at Not Super. Just...Mom:

I'm a good Southern girl. My signature style always includes pearl earrings, even with the yoga pants and T-shirt I sometimes wear to daycare drop-off.


Katie Kavulla, allParenting writer:

My signature style must-have is a huge cashmere scarf. My absolute favorites are from Nordstrom because they are colorful, soft and gigantic, so I can always use it to hide from the Seattle rain.

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