We all have that one thing that we refuse to give up after we have kids. Whether it's a great pair of sunglasses, a gorgeous purse or stylish jeans, there’s one thing that keeps us feeling like more than just a mom. We asked real moms to share their must-haves and here's what they offered up.


Comfort^ Estelle Hayes, from the blog Pink Moon Daily:

Comfortable but cute shoes are a must for me now that I'm a mom. My go-to for this past year has been a couple pairs of fun flats in metallics and leapard prints. Granted, they don't pair well with my yoga pants, but they are perfect for making jeans or a casual cotton dress feel pulled together and stylish.


Kirsten Piccini, who blogs at The Kir Corner:

My family jokes that even while pregnant with the twins I still wore my stilettos. It's true. The one thing that I love about being a woman is the ability to take a pair of heels and push myself up, raise my own confidence with the addition of a little height and add a little sexy with a peep toe. Even if I'm in jeans and a boring shirt, I know that the perfect pair of shoes (wedges, peep toes, pumps, heels) will make me feel beautiful and put together. Plus I love hearing my sons tell me, "Mommy I love your shoes, you look so pretty."

Wedges^ Angela Amman, from the blog Tread Softly:Toms

No matter how simple of an outfit I'm wearing, even if it's just jeans and a T-shirt, a great pair of wedges and a generous application of mascara and lip gloss always help me feel pulled together.


Tonya Adams, who blogs at Letters for Lucas:

If we are talking everyday comfort/style like my daily trips to the park, library or play dates, then it's jeans, tank tops with cardigans and comfortable shoes. Right now I am loving my TOMS!! Date nights are pretty much the same, but I wear cute flats. It's all about comfort.

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