Posted: Oct 20, 2012 9:00 AM
Why should you be your own stylist? You’re the only one that really knows your personal sense of style and what you feel comfortable in… And let’s face it, when you’re comfortable, you’re more confident. So if you feel like you need a fashion overhaul, need more time in the mornings, or feel like you wear the same thing every day, follow these simple tips to become your very own stylist! Sometimes it only takes a little organization to get back in your style groove.

ORganized closet

Step 1: Organize your closet

It may take some extra time in the beginning, but by organizing your closet you can find things faster, match items easier and potentially find clothes you forgot you had. Tight on space? Check out these simple organizing ideas!

Organize your closet into these easy to find sections:

  1. Summer clothes
  2. Winter clothes
  3. Multi-purpose clothes: Cover ups, light sweaters, etc.
  4. Accessories: Scarves, jewelry, belts
  5. Shoes: Workout, daily footwear, dressy and casual
  6. Evening wear: For date nights, parties and other fun things without kids

Tip^ Get a full-length mirror and a Polaroid camera!

organized outfits

Step 2: Plan your looks

You can easily plan an outfit for each day -- and every occasion -- if you know your schedule a week in advance. This saves you time in the long run, but if you don't use the outfits, you can carry them over to the following week.

Tip^ If you don't know your schedule, pick out multiple outfits ahead of time.

single outfitStep 3: Create your looks

  1. Think about what you're doing each day for the coming week. Are you dropping the kids off at camp? Working? Going to the gym? Attending an important meeting? Having a date night with your husband? Taking the kids to a movie? Whatever it is, there are clothes in your closet that are meant for (and are more comfortable for) each activity.
  2. Consider the current trends and what makes you feel good. Is your favorite color yellow? Pick out an outfit or two with some yellow tones to make you feel extra good about how you look.
  3. When in doubt, try it on! You will find certain items that you never thought would go together, actually do! If you find an outfit that you adore, take a Polaroid picture (or digital as long as you have an instant printer) of it to remember in the future.
  4. Accessorize!
  5. Save a space in your organized closet for your outfits. Place all your styled looks (accessories and all) in one section of your closet -- either hanging on a rod, wall hook or back of your closet door.
  6. Keep your pictures in a small photo album or tacked to a bulletin board inside your closet for quick and easy inspiration when you're really short on time.

Why should you plan your outfits ahead of time?

Personally, I prefer to have my outfits set out as far in advance as I can. My kids like to throw me for a loop most mornings and the last thing I have time to do it pick out my outfit for the day, let alone a decent looking one. If I have my outfits set out, I can easily thumb through them and select the one I'm in the mood for that day. Especially if the one I initially planned for that day is not the one I'm feeling.

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