Rosie Pope is one busy lady! As a mom of three young children, wife, educator, TV personality and business owner, Rosie wears many hats -- figuratively speaking. But there’s one common goal binding all of Rosie’s ventures. Whether she’s designing maternity clothes to make a woman feel her best, teaching parents how to care for their new baby or using her experience and resources to support families, Rosie believes it can all be done with style.

Busy with style

Between her three children, J.R., Wellington and new baby girl Vivienne Madison, a self-labeled maternity clothing line (Mom Prep) and her hit Bravo TV show, Pregnant in Heels, Rosie has found herself to be an extremely busy business woman and mom. While she admits that she's involved with her businesses a little too much (she designs all of the clothing for her label and oversees all the classes while her husband, Daron, designs the classes and schedules), Rosie believes it's essential to be involved in everything. After all, it is her name that's plastered on every label, TV ad and diaper bag. Naturally, Rosie's involvement makes her feel like she's always running from one place to the next, which is why she feels it's even more important to feel and look good -- for herself and her family.

When you look good, you feel goodRosie Pope

Rosie always finds a way to make style work to her advantage -- and in any situation. From styling her hair at the beginning of the week, wearing a slick ponytail by midweek and then pulling it back into a chic bun towards the end of the week (yes, even Rosie Pope goes five days without washing her hair at times) to wearing wedges with literally every outfit -- even sweats. "If I don't feel good, it really affects things... I start to feel insecure and not present," Rosie says.

But what does this stylish working mom of three recommend to other moms when it comes to looking and feeling good, even on the toughest of days?

  • A chic bun is essential! Don't pull your hair back into a ponytail if it's too dirty... there are too many flyaways.
  • Always wear mascara... it makes your eyelashes appear longer.
  • Wedges make you more presentable no matter what you're wearing.

Keep your sanity with quality time

Whether it's work or family, just like most moms, Rosie tries to make the most of it. "As cliché as it sounds, I always try to be in the moment. It's definitely hard for me because when I'm with my kids, I start to worry about work and when I'm at work, I worry about my kids," she says. Rosie believes that quality is extremely important for her sanity and the sanity of those around her: "I try to be quality wherever I am so I can walk away saying I gave it my all today, plus, my kids deserve it."

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