I envy the results of this Envy Push Up bikini top! After two kids, the girls up top aren't what they used to be and while I embrace my new body and am a card-carrying member of the IBTC, a little help every now and then is always fun!

The Envy Push Up bikini top claims to visually increase the size of your bust by up to two cup sizes -- a feat, girls with fewer assets, like moi, can certainly appreciate!

Voda Swim is the brainchild of designer and international print model Yulia Drummond. Despite looking hot on the runway, Yulia felt self-conscious of her small bust in a swimsuit. She set out to create a bikini that would flatter the smallest of chests. The Envy Push Up bikini top boasts soft and pliant pads that lift and enhance the breast. Better yet, this is one push-up suit you can actually swim in since the top retains less than 1 tablespoon of water, meaning fit isn't affected -- and you don't get that embarrassing, tell-tale gush of water when someone bumps the cup of your padded bathing suit top!

Available at: www.vodaswim.com

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