So many sunglasses, so little time! Picking out the perfect pair of shades can be a daunting task -- especially when you're standing in the store and feeling overwhelmed with so many great pairs to choose from. We've found sunglasses for every face shape, so that you can spend less time shopping and more time out in the sun!


What you're looking for^Show your heart-shaped face a little bit of love with perfectly fit sunglasses! Try finding a pair that is smaller at the top of the shades than in the middle, instantly softening your forehead and brow line. With a heart-shaped face (think broader forehead and slimmer jawline), keep the bling on the side of your sunglasses to a minimum.

Juicy couture glasses

Try these^ Splurge on a pair of The Beau Live for Sugar by Juicy Couture ($98,, which also come in a pretty peachy pink for an even softer look.

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What you're looking for^Lucky for you, oval-faced girls, your options are pretty wide-open when it comes to finding a sunglasses shape for your face. For a look that will stand out, choose a pair of sunglasses that's on the squarer side. Or, keep things simple with a wider, wrap-around style frame.

AX Armani Exchange Rimless Shield Sunglasses

Try these^ In this super-hip aviator-inspired style, we love the AX Armani Exchange Rimless Shield Sunglasses ($70, Nordstrom), which are available in both gold (pictured) and black.


What you're looking for^The trick to finding shades that you'll love if you have a square face, is to balance out the shape of your jaw with the opposite shape -- something round! Thankfully, round, retro-ish sunglasses are very in right now, so you'll have a ton of options to pick from.

Forever 21 sunglasses

Try these^ Moms who break or lose their sunglasses often will love these cute Round Sunglasses ($6, Forever 21) -- at less than $10, you can throw them in your purse without a care!

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What you're looking for^Shape is key when fitting sunglasses to a rounder face -- and in this case, getting a little funky with the shape is going to be your best bet! Sunglasses with some angles and interesting front details will help give dimension to your face. Try sunglasses that are cat-eye shaped or softly horizontal.

Vogue eyewear sunglasses

Try these^ Available from Vogue Eyewear ($90, Sunglass Hut), the gradient lenses are also another great feature for round faces and the cut-outs on the side will be extra flattering.

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