Color can have amazing affects on our emotions and mental state of mind. Think back to when we were kids... starting with black and white to stimulate us when we were babies, then primary colors as we got a little older. And now, as moms, sometimes we need a little (or a lot) of color to pull us out of a bad mood or brighten our day -- literally. Read on for the colors to wear on the outside to make you feel better on the inside.

Whether you're looking at bold and bright colors painted on your walls (zingy yellow, mandarin orange, even neon green) or wearing the latest it color (it's winter white this fall), color is contagious. And it can turn your mood from blue to rosy in an instant.


Yellow is happy. It's the sun. It's a sunflower. It's your child's raincoat on an otherwise gloomy day. Wearing yellow offers warmth, optimism, and light -- you can't help but be pulled out of any merciless bad mood you might have awakened in. If you're really want to be on Cloud 9, try it in neon!

Suggested times to wear it^You're sleep-deprived because your child was up all night and you need to put a smile on your sour face (and remember, being a mom is a full-time job).

woman dressed in orange


Orange is known as a high-energy color. When you dress in this hue you can feel full of life, fun and playful. But if you're scrunching up your nose in confusion because you couldn't possibly imagine purchasing this color pallet, you can still rock it with one of these season's hot accessories: skinny belts or snakeskin shoes.

Suggested times to wear it^You're going to have one of those days where you're working, driving carpool, hosting a playdate and hosting a book club meeting. A day when 24 hours is nowhere near enough.

woman dressed in blue


When you think of things that are blue like a summer sky, the ocean or the tone of an ice crystal, you may agree that these things are all calming -- which is exactly the feeling that wearing this color is meant to evoke. As a mom, you no-doubt encounter more hectic and emotional days than you can count, and wearing this shade will help soothe you.

Suggested times to wear it^A time when you know you could burst into a fountain of tears. Like when you drop your child off for his first day of kindergarten.

woman dressed in white


Winter white is one of this season's it colors and it represents new beginnings and cleansing. When you wear white, it can make you feel like you're starting your day (or life) with a clean slate (think wedding day). And who doesn't want that?

Suggested times to wear it^You had a major mommy faux pas that you wish you could forget.

woman dressed with a pop of color

Pops of color

You don't have to dress head-to-toe in a pretty pastel or a happy hue to feel good. And maybe you don't have the energy to put together a full color-inspired ensemble. Or wearing too much of the hue just isn't for you (such as a bright orange). You can still feel better by simply painting your toe nails a pouty pink or your lips a rosy red, lining your wrist with a string of bright bangles or grabbing your fuchsia faux-snakeskin satchel. You won't be able to resist smiling when you catch your own reflection in the mirror.

Suggested times to wear it^You're in a rush and can't resist your go-to, all-black outfit.

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