It’s date night and you want to wow your husband. You think lingerie and heels. Your husband? Not so much. Believe it or not, your idea of what is sexy and your husband’s could be very different.

We polled some hubbies to find out what they'd pick for their wife to wear if they could choose absolutely anything. Before you cringe at the thought of purchasing a pair of kitten heels and an outfit that looks like a Halloween costume you should give your husbands just a little more credit. The clothing they find sexy isn't necessarily what you think.

As Giacomo from San Francisco said, "It's not about wearing something skin tight. Imagining is better than seeing."

It's not about the lingerie but it's not about the flannel pants either

But sometimes she wears flannel pants and a sweatshirt. No good!

Jeff, who's been married for seven years, says, "My wife won't do lingerie, but that's okay with me. I prefer shorts and a T-shirt anyway. But sometimes she wears flannel pants and a sweatshirt. No good!"

Pat from Florida adds, "I've been married so long it doesn't really matter, but I generally prefer her in jeans and T-shirts and that's what she wears."

Wear one of our shirts

Dress shirt or T-shirt, it doesn't matter because it's mine.

Several men, including Martin from Las Vegas, agree that women often look sexiest in one of their shirts. "Dress shirt or T-shirt, it doesn't matter because it's mine."

Matthew, a newlywed from Chicago agrees. "A pair of my boxers and one of my T-shirts is much sexier on my wife than anything I'd see in a Victoria's Secret catalog."

Dress for me, not your girlfriends

One request from several men is that they wish their wives would dress for them, not for their girlfriends. Jon from California says, "My wife doesn't dress for me. She'll wear a skirt and boots, which I do like, but I do wish she'd wear something tight now and again."

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