Halloween is just around the corner and despite not being one of those moms who has been planning her costume since last Halloween, you've promised your kids you'd dress up this year... and they remembered.

But the last thing you want to do is rent or buy an expensive costume that you'll never wear again and there's no way you're busting out your sewing machine to make something from scratch. Problem solved with these fun ideas that you can pull from items you can pick up inexpensively or that you may already have around the house for a quick and easy Halloween costume that will satisfy your little witches and goblins.

Meow, Mama!

Keep this Halloween costume in your back pocket for a super easy and super quick dress-up solution because you can literally run into your closet right now and grab everything you need to be a pretty, black cat this Halloween for those last-minute Halloween party invites -- and that moment you realize all of the other moms dressed up to go trick-or-treating!

What You'll Need^

Any black clothing you have -- a dress and tights can work just as easily as black yoga pants and a black T-shirt can, black eye-liner or even marker, in a pinch, for drawing on whiskers and a black nose, cat ears (use tin-foil on a headband, if you must!).

The most comfy costume ever

We're hoping that this costume is going to be a stretch for you -- an exhausted housewife. While it may be hitting a little close to home for some of you, especially the new moms out there, we promise that you'll be the most comfortable mom out there trick-or-treating this year!

What You'll Need^

The robe that you never take off anyway, a pair of old slippers (good excuse to get a new pair!), a scrunchie for some serious haven't washed my hair in 12 days hair, a cheeky coffee mug. Bonus points for not shaving your legs for a couple of weeks before Halloween.

Bust out the legwarmers

legwarmersYou just knew there was a reason to save all that neon gear that you wore in the '80s and '90s! Even if it takes a trip to the attic of your childhood home to pull out these relics, it's easy to piece together a fun -- and no doubt colorful -- '80s-inspired Halloween costume from your own wardrobe.

What you'll need^

Black leggings, leg warmers (the scrunchier the better!), a wide headband for across your forehead, a T-shirt you don't care about that you can hack up into a one-shoulder wonder, lots of blush and possibly a crimper for hair that is Aqua-Netted to the max!

Always a bridesmaid

Can you hear the wedding bells now? If you have a daughter, she's going to adore you for this Halloween costume! Dig out your most hideous bridesmaid dress from the past and wear it with pride this Halloween. In fact, grab a bunch of your mom pals and have them all do the same!

What You'll Need^

Bridesmaid dress, dye-to-match heels (and tennis shoes as a back-up plan for trick-or-treating), costume jewelry, Champagne, your husband dressed as a groomsman.

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