Posted: Nov 17, 2012 8:00 AM
I thought I couldn't pull off a circle scarf, even though I saw them everywhere in Los Angeles and always thought they looked cute. But there's so much fabric! I finally learned how to wear the circle scarf in a way that didn't make me look eaten alive.

My friend Nora models three ways to wear the circle scarf casually:

Circle scarf basic style

Basic circle scarf style

Put the whole thing over your head once, like a giant necklace. It will be long, hanging almost to your knees. Cross the two hanging sides and loop it back over your head. You can do this just once (like Nora did), and let it swing, or you can do this as many times as the fabric will let you, making a thick, cozy neck wrap.

This is the most basic circle scarf style, and it can be worn with a scarf of almost any fabric.


Circle scarf wrap style

This works best for thicker-fabric circle scarves, but they must be plenty big. Put it over your head, but don't stop at your neck. Wiggle it down past your shoulders until it's in the middle bicep area. Then take just the edges of the fabric and bring then up over your shoulders and close to your neck. The whole effect is more like a shawl. This looks great when it's a patterned scarf.


Circle scarf twist

This is for the more advanced circle scarf wearers. Loop it around your neck twice, like you're going for the basic style. Then separate the two loops and twist and twist from the two ends. Weave the right side through the loop on the bottom of the left side. Loosen and adjust as necessary. This is a super cute style, especially if the scarf is a pop of color to your outfit.

Product Info^ The circle scarves that Nora is modeling are both from American Apparel. The gray is the Unisex Super Sheer Circle Scarf ($37) and the striped is the cotton Unisex Circle Scarf ($28).

A few others that I really like:

circle scarf

As the days are getting colder, I'm reaching for scarves and cozy sweaters more often than not, even here in Southern California. The circle scarf is cute and functional, and is a staple of my winter wardrobe.

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