Posted: Dec 16, 2012 10:00 PM
Let’s hear it for the hat. It does it all — keeps your head warm and hides a bad hair day. And this season, whether you’re trying to keep warm on the sidelines of your child’s soccer game or heading to lunch with the girls, there’s a hat that’s going to take your outfit to the next level.

knit hat

Mom's morning melee

Is your typical Saturday morning often just as chaotic (if not more so) than a week day? You're running from your child's sporting event to buy that birthday gift to taking your toddler to the park because she's quite literally bouncing off the walls? For these times when you practically roll out of bed and out the door (but don't want to look like you did!), Etsy is a great resource. You can look effortlessly stylish while also not looking like everyone else because the clothes and accessories are handmade and unique. We loved this red beanie with an attached black flower crocheted by Lori Byrne. Just one of many unique knit hats she's created to make you look good this winter. Best part? It will hide your bed head when you don't have time to do your hair (Hooked on Yarn, $19).

ava bucket hat

Moms who lunch

When you're a mom, gabbing over lunch with a girlfriend can often be long overdue. So you want to spend as much time as possible lunching, not preparing to lunch (as in: doing your hair). And, believe it or not, the best part about the Ava Bucket Hat isn't that it hides a bad hair day like nobody's business, but that it's reversible. That's right, you've got hats two ways, ladies! One side is charcoal plaid and the other is solid charcoal. So it's time to set up that second lunch date, stat, because you already know what you're wearing (Aventura Clothing, $29).

rabbit aviator cap

Mom on the sidelines

Just because the weather gets cold, doesn't necessarily mean the kids' outside sports come to an end (I've braved soccer games in sleet). For those crisp — often freezing — early morning soccer, football (you name it) games, it can be hard to muster the energy to look good, so let this Vintage Sheared Rabbit Aviator hat do the work for you. The distressed leather, combined with a sheared rabbit lining and antiqued hardware, are retro chic. Throw it on and be plenty warm (not to mention hip!) while you cheer your child on (DJBennett, $145).

Grace Hats Chirolyn Hooded Scarf

Mom's night out

This Grace Hats Chirolyn Hooded Scarf is chic, sophisticated and perfect for any cold night when you'll be spending a good chunk of time outside. Think: tree lighting ceremony, ice skating or even a nice walk down a decorated city street with your husband while sipping hot cocoa (Urban Outfitters, $65).

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