Muffin tops and love handles may sound cute, but they don’t look so cute when they are on your body. We polled fashion experts to find out the top tricks for looking 10 pounds thinner — no starvation diets required!

Whether you have just had a baby (or your baby is a teen) and you are working on losing those stubborn last few pounds, you can look like you have skipped carbs for a month by following these easy tricks for dressing 10 pounds skinnier.

TRICK #1^ Hide that muffin top

blazerWhether you call it a spare tire or a muffin top, you can hide that bulge around your midsection if you follow these few tricks.

First, look at the fit of your jeans. If they are too tight, they will instantly give you that muffin top look. Just by going up a size or switching from hip-hugger jeans for some that hit at mid-level, your muffin top will diminish.

Avoid wearing form-fitting tops that will only accentuate your mid-section. "Invest in a few body slimming tanks and wear them under everything for a flatter tummy," says stylist and Lily & Migs designer Lauren Antos, who suggests picking darker colors for further slimming. One great option is the Victoria's Secret Better on Top Slimming Tank ($36) that instantly smooths your tummy.

A chic blazer, such as this J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer, not only adds style, but is perfect for hiding a muffin top.

TRICK #2^A well-placed belt can instantly slim you

A belt can be the best trick in your wardrobe for looking skinnier.

Stylist Adriana John of Tout le Monde Style says some clothes we have always thought were slimming aren't actually so. For instance, she says a wrap dress can actually accentuate those areas you want to hide.

"Other experts will also suggest wearing large, tight-fitting belts to create a small waist silhouette. This is very uncomfortable to wear," she says. "I suggest a loose fitting button-down top or a tight-fitting shirt with a loose fitting, shorter shirt, layered over. With either of these, a loose fitting, thin belt resting on the hips hides the trouble area while keeping in style with today's belt fashions."

Don't forget to accessorize! "Another tip is to wear flashy jewelry, or scarves or shoes to bring attention away from the mid-section," she says.

TRICK #3^ Slim your hips & thighs

bootcut jeansAdriana says that by wearing jeans that are flared at the bottom, it instantly creates the illusion of a smaller waist. "Wear wide leg or flared jeans to create the look of a slimmer waist [and] wear layered tops," she says.

Avoid at all cost high-waist jeans (aka: mom jeans) that will only accentuate your hips. Look for dark jeans that have a mid-rise cut, such as the J.Crew Bootcut Jeans.

Also, stay away from tops that hit high above your waist or cropped jackets, which will only accentuate your thighs. What is your most flattering fit? "Buy A-lined tops that hit just below the largest part of your thigh," says Antos.

You can also pair a dark colored tank with a blazer or jacket that hits lower on your thigh to instantly slim your thighs.

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