Posted: Mar 03, 2013 10:00 PM
Feel like your wardrobe has you stuck in the past decade? Being a mom doesn’t mean putting your fashion sense on the back burner. We found some great outfit options you can wear to the park, the grocery store or the mall and still feel trendy.

Admit it — there are plenty of days when yoga pants are the greatest fashion statement you can make. Being a mom means being ready for anything, and when it comes to your clothes being comfy is key. But sometimes it feels good to look a bit more put together and maybe even a wee bit trendy. Sound good? We found some super comfy and trendy pieces that are sure to make you feel fashionable — even with that spit-up on your shoulder.

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White is right

Think you can't wear white this time of year? Your mother-in-law was wrong. White is fashionable year-round, and a fresh alternative to predictable denim. These white straight-leg jeans (Loft, $60) have just a bit of stretch to keep them comfortable, and all the style to make them cool.

Ditch the hoodie

We know you love your hoodie, but why not take it up a notch? Cover up and look classy with this boyfriend cardigan (Target, $20), available in several great colors for spring. Wearing a pop of unexpected color makes you look perkier, even if you were up for diaper duty at 3 a.m. last night.

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Add a scarf

Nothing pulls an outfit together more quickly than a cool scarf. This infinity scarf (Old Navy, $15) is sweater-soft around your neck and frames your face for an instant pick-me-up. The lightweight fabric will feel just right through spring right on into summer.

Shoe fetish

Sure, you love cute shoes — but how practical are those amazing wedges when you're chasing your toddler at the park? These Toms classic slip-on canvas shoes (Nordstrom, $44) are not only super-trendy but are super-comfortable, too. Available in so many colors, you may need a second pair.

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Super shirt

The best way to stretch your wardrobe is to find pieces that fit more than one purpose. This long-sleeved shirt (Aeropostale, $16) comes in five bright colors for spring and will quickly become a favorite. Belt it over skinny jeans like a tunic, or wear it open like a cardigan over a tank.

Jean queen

Looking for that trendy distressed jeans look without gaping holes that scream teen? These skinny jeans (GAP, $70) have a great dark wash, lots of stretch and just a hint of that distressed look you love. Wear them with riding boots now, with cute flats or sandals later.

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Add a light layer

Layering is a great way to add interest to any outfit. This open-weave sweater (JCP, $30) is a cute way to layer for spring that doesn't add bulk. Add a cute tank underneath in a coordinating color and you've instantly made that trip to the grocery store a lot more fashionable.

Top it with a tee

Retire your old college tees for weekends and class it up with a cute zebra print tee (Express, $30) in an unexpected color. This tee is long enough to cover your waist when you bend down to scoop up your baby, yet fitted enough to make you lose that frumpy feeling.

Add a few pieces to your mommy wardrobe and who knows? It may make you feel so perky, you just might sign up to be room mom — again.

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