Love a classic soda shop style dress? Learn how to wear flattering, retro styles without looking like you're dressed up for Halloween. Mix and match vintage fashion finds with modern wardrobe staples with these tips.

Vintage clothing and accessories give your wardrobe a dose of funky flair. As you search for amazing vintage finds, keep these fashion tips in mind to avoid looking like you're dressed in a Halloween costume.

Don't wear vintage head to toe

The first rule of wearing vintage clothing is to avoid wearing an entirely vintage outfit. If everything from your shoes to your hat is vintage, you're guaranteed to look like you're heading to a costume party. Even a vintage coat paired with a vintage dress can look too dated and costumey. If you're just starting out with vintage fashions, try sticking to one type of clothing you wear well, such as belted dresses or long winter coats. Assemble a small collection you can pair with other items in your existing wardrobe.

Accent your outfit with one vintage piece

The easiest way to wear vintage is to dress up a contemporary outfit with a vintage find. Revamp an old dress with a rhinestone brooch. Cinch a tunic with a wide vintage belt. Wear a funky fur hat. Wear a long, flashy coat over a pair of skinny jeans, flats and a fitted top. Carry a vintage handbag. These simple additions to your favorite outfits let you take advantage of classic trends without overdoing the retro look.

Layer modern over vintage

An A-line, vintage sundress may look fabulous on your figure, but chances are it's a little too flouncy for work. Try pairing that Mad Men look with a modern cardigan and a skinny belt. Wear a muted sweater vest over a vintage blouse with a fussy pattern. Don't be afraid to mix and match fashion eras. If you pair different styles, you're less likely to look like you carefully crafted a (dated) period piece.

Wear the right size or visit a tailortape measure

When shopping for vintage clothing, it can be difficult to find your size. For one thing, the labels can be misleading. Size standards shift and change over time. Try everything on and avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or too baggy simply because you fell in love with the piece. Don't be afraid to take your garment to a tailor if you know it only needs a little TLC to be a perfect fit. A good tailor can hem everything from jeans to dresses, giving frumpy vintage skirts a youthful swing or making those long designer jeans doable. Use belts to your advantage for a quick fix when it comes to tunics and dresses that are too loose around the waist.

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