Posted: Mar 17, 2013 7:00 PM
Are you a nightgown wearing mom? Do you snuggle up in a robe when it's time for bed? Or, are yoga leggings and a comfy T-shirt more your style? Every mom seems to have her own pajama preference and we love them all. Go on... go get your pj's on and find out more about your signature pajama style and how to freshen it up!

Nothing but nightgowns

Your Style^ KicKee Pants nightgownYour mom always wore nightgowns and her mom did too and although you thought she looked old-fashioned when you were a child, there's something about a fresh, pretty nightgown that you can't resist now either! If you're a nightgown wearing mom yourself now, it's likely that you wear them to avoid the scrunch and bunch of pajama pants when you're under the covers or, maybe you just like the ease of trading in your day clothes for something comfy in the evening. Nightgowns have come a long way. What used to be considered matronly is now considered sexy, with nightgowns that are actually cut to be flattering, not make you look like you're wearing a sack of potatoes.

Try This^ Take your typical cotton or flannel nighty up a notch with a fresh, new bamboo version. Not only is bamboo eco-friendly, it's super soft too. Try this KicKee Nightgown in Confetti ($80).

Rockin' the robe

Your Style^Kiran luster robeIf you're the one who is always watching TV and thinking that a Snuggie seems like the greatest invention ever made (a functional blanket? Genius!), it's likely that you're also snuggled up in a robe. We get it... robes are comfy and cozy and you can throw them on in the blink of an eye when you realize your teenaged son's friend slept over last night. If you enjoy a nighttime shower or a mom who loves her evening baths, it's likely that you have a robe or two in your pajama collection — as they're the perfect transition piece between the tub and bed. We're not even going to ask what you're wearing (or not wearing) under your robe!

Try This^Breaking up is hard to do, but you have to admit, your robe has seen better days. Add this Kiran Luster Robe by Diane Pieri ($98, Anthropologie) to your collection and you'll be dying to get out of your clothes at the end of the day!

Old-school dad pajamas

Your Style^picnic PajamasYou steal them from your husband's drawer... every night. We don't blame you. How good does it feel to get out of the clothes you've been wearing all day and into a big old pair of flannel pajama pants and that shirt that you've had since your first year of college? Add in throwing your hair back into a pony tail, tucking the kids into bed early and pouring a glass of your favorite vino and you have the makings of the perfect evening! Classic pajama sets or pajama pants with a tee or tank are great for answering the door when your daughter is dropped off after an evening birthday party or for cozying up to watch a movie or two with your hubby.

Try This^Just because you love a classic pair of pj's, doesn't mean that you have to look like you pulled them out of your husband's closet. These will keep you covered and warm for bedtime, but with girlie details you'll love. Like these Picnic Pajamas ($58, Nordstrom).

Barely there in the boudoir

Your Style^Modal Vintage Lace Cami and Modal Vintage Lace ShortsWell, well. Look who's leaving pajamas behind all together! We're certainly not ones to judge and, in fact, if you're stripping down to the bare minimum when you crawl into bed at night, more power to you, Mama! Pulling off sleeping in the nude or even sleeping in just your undies is tricky with kids at home... especially if you have little ones that are up and down during the night or who love to crawl in bed with you at 2 a.m. Rumor has it that there are some moms out there that can only sleep in the buff, or close to and — this is going to shock you — that leaving your pajamas in the drawer for bedtime can be a great way to improve your, um, bedtime activities. And, we're not talking about changing the sheets, if you catch our drift.

Try This^You'll feel like you're wearing next to nothing in this little set. Plus, you'll be able to get out of bed in the morning without flashing the neighbors. You will love this Modal Vintage Lace Cami and Modal Vintage Lace Shorts ($25 for each piece, GAP).

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