Posted: Mar 05, 2013 9:00 AM
Just because spring is around the corner doesn't mean it's time to put your rain boots away! Decide if these puddle jumpers are worth breaking the bank for or if you should save your rain boot money for a rainy day.

Hunter blue rainboots aP splurge


Featured^ Hunter Original High Gloss Boots in Cornflower ($135,

Princess Diana made them look good in the 80s and Kate Moss helped bring them back into the world of fashion a few years ago. And now, Hunter Boots have become the new UGGs... everyone is wearing them! It's not that they're terribly attractive, but they serve a purpose and when it comes to busy moms, who are tromping through rain puddles all spring long, sometimes a pair of high-end rain boots is at good as it's going to get, fashion-wise. But, over $100 for a pair of rain boots? When it comes to Hunter Boots, you're paying for more than that little red and white tag. Hunters have been around since the mid-1800s — the wellies, as they are known worldwide, were first produced in Scotland and are built to last. They are made of a latex that keeps the boots 100 percent waterproof to make sure your feet are dry, even in the craziest of puddle-splashing sessions!

Target green rainboots aP steal


Featured^Women's Classic Knee High Rain Boot in Cicley Leaf Green ($33,, online only)

If $100 rain boots just aren't in your budget, or you straight out think it's insane to spend that much on a pair of boots (or you live in a warmer climate where your rain boots will likely only see a few days each year), check out the steal-worthy version! Very similar in shape and height to the splurge-worthy Hunters, this pair is every bit as glossy, colorful and perfect for spring. We adore that cute black and white striped lining on the inside of the boots, so that they'll look cute sitting in your entryway drying out after taking the long way home from school. The outside of these boots is made of rubber and they are water-resistant. Take note shorter moms: The shaft of these boots is an entire inch shorter than the comparison pair at 15-inches, instead of the Hunter's 16-inches.

The verdict

Picking a splurge-worthy or a steal-worthy pair of rain boots for spring is going to come down to a few factors:

  1. How often will you wear them?
  2. Will you actually be wearing them in the rain?
  3. Do you need that Hunter badge?

The construction, support and waterproof features of the splurge-worthy Hunter boots is hard to beat, if these are going to be a part of your everyday shoe rotation. There is no question that these boots will last you far beyond this rainy spring season, but that they'll serve your mama feet well for years of bus stop waiting and soccer field standing to come.

If these are going to be a supplemental pair of boots that are for fashion, more than function, the steal-worthy Target version will make your feet and your bank account happy! They'll work perfectly for slipping on to run to the store for milk in that freak Arizona rain storm, or for wearing on your child's class fieldtrip to the zoo.

Share with us!^ What do you think? Would you be willing to splurge on a pair of rain boots for spring? Or is a steal-worthy version more your style?

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