Posted: Mar 18, 2013 10:00 AM
Give your sweet husband his watch back and add one to your own jewelry box! The question is... should you grab this trendy accessory for a bargain or splurge on a timepiece that will last you for years to come?

Gramercy Grand Kate Spade men's watch


Featured^Gramercy Grand by Kate Spade ($225)

Isn't she pretty? With all of the oversized goodness of a man's watch, but with the delicate features that will keep it from looking like you stole your husband's timepiece, the Gramercy Grand by Kate Spade takes men's style watches from trendy to chic, in the tick of that pretty pink second hand. Also available in a stainless steel version, the Gramercy Grand can easily fit all of your watch needs — it can go with a white tee and your favorite jeans just as easily as it can with a cocktail dress and your highest heels (they're in the back of your closet somewhere, right?). And, the best news? Nobody will notice that you're wearing your yoga pants again today with this pretty lady on your wrist.

Womens gold-tone bracelet watch


Featured^Women's Gold-Tone Bracelet Watch by Style&co. (Macy's, $30) 

A little bit of girliness and a little bit of bling, the Style&co. watch from Macy's department store (they have a great selection of watches!) is the perfect combination of everything you love about his watch, but with everything that you want in yours. We love that our steal-worthy version takes the men's watch trend to the next level with its gorgeous rose gold-esque coloring that definitely says hers. The super-secure snap-over clasp on the back of this version is a must-have feature for every mom — especially those of us with little ones — or moms who aren't just driving soccer carpool, but who are on the field as well!

The verdict

First things first, there are two types of people in the world — those who are watch snobs and those who aren't. We don't mean that in a bad way, but people who collect watches tend to go big or go home when it comes down to choosing a new timepiece. If you are a watch snob, er, a watch aficionado, there's no doubt that the splurge-worthy version is the way to go. Nothing can compare to the flawless lines of a designer watch and the Gramercy Grand will likely be the perfect addition to your collection. Do we even need to bring up that pink second hand again? True love.

If you're new to the watch-buying game and are still unsure about what you'll like, or you just need a watch to throw on every now and again, consider starting with the steal-worthy version and then upgrading later if you're loving the feel of an oversized watch. The Style&co. watch is also a bit smaller than the Gramercy Grand, making it perfect for moms who are on the computer all day for work and don't have time to have an accessory in their way.

When you are deciding between a steal-worthy or a splurge-worthy watch, take the metal into consideration as well. Moms with sensitive skin should consider going with the splurge, as it will be less likely to irritate your wrist.

Tell Us!^ Which watch do you prefer? Would you be willing to drop more than $200 on a watch that you love? Leave us a comment below!

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