How many days in a row have you worn your favorite pair of mom shoes? You know the ones: they may be cute and comfortable, but when it comes to their sexy-rating, well... These real moms have dug into the back of their closets and pulled out their favorite sexy shoes to inspire you to do the same!

Allison Ellis

mom of two
Allison Ellis sexy shoes

Angela Amman

allParenting writer, mom of two
Angela Amman sexy shoes

Her sexy shoes: I purchased these at Nordstrom in Houston and wore them with a really skimpy dress with Cleopatra sequins around the neck to my husband's medical school reunion, because I thought everyone in Houston would be scantily-clad and wearing sequins. Wrong! Most of them were really dowdy-looking doctors, so I ended up looking like a hired escort. But, I love the shoes and now wear them anytime I have a fancy event to attend.

Her sexy shoes: My husband actually picked these up for me because I adore purple. They're the perfect pop of color in my oh-so-neutral wardrobe. Plus, I love them because they are ridiculously high, make my tush look great and my legs long, which they're not! I'm only 5 foot-1!

Chelsea Bell

mom of two
Chelsea Bell sexy shoes

Estelle Hayes

allParenting writer, mom of three
Estelle Hayes sexy shoes

Her sexy shoes: I adore these shoes because I took a chance and ordered them from what I thought could even be a fake website. When they arrived, I opened the box, and they were, in a word, perfect. They're 5-inches tall and I wear all five of those inches with happiness!

Her sexy shoes: In my real life, I'm living in jeans and flats. But in my imaginary life, I'm rocking my Manolos 24/7. The last time I wore these I was literally shaking in my shoes onstage, reading my writing in front of a couple hundred people. I'd like to think they gave me courage I needed to stand tall!

Galit Breen

allParenting writer, mom of three
Galit Breen sexy shoes

Jennie Hill

Mom of one
Jennie Hill sexy shoes

Her sexy shoes: I'm not much of a heel wearer, so when I pull on these shoes, my husband tends to give me the side-eye and, wisely, adds an extra 10-minutes or so to our arrival time! But, everything from the color to the heel to the bow make these shoes my absolute favorites. So — late or not — I wear them!

Her sexy shoes: These prize cowhide-cheetah-spot Steve Maddens were last worn about a year ago, on a date night with my hubs. I love them because I feel super sassy, yet chic, when I rock them — they're the perfect icing-on-the-outfit with jeans and a solid top and great for pulling on when I feel like I've lost my edge!

Katie Kavulla

allParenting writer, mom of three
Katie Kavulla sexy shoes

Kelli Currie

mom of two
Kelli Currie sexy shoes

Her sexy shoes: I admit that I bought these pretty Kate Spade heels a few years ago and have never worn them outside of my house! They are so tall and have no support for my wide, clumsy feet — I'm certain I'd fall on my face if I even tried to walk down our front stairs. But, every once in a while, I try them on with an outfit, just because.

Her sexy shoes: At 5-foot-1, these are my favorite real mom shoes. I wear tennis shoes with my yoga pants, but when I head to campus [Kelli is currently a law student!], surrounded by a bunch of teenagers, and need to look like I'm not quickly approaching 40, I slip these on. I wear them no less than three times a week and if I had enough awesome jeans to wear them with more often than that, I would!

Kelli Kellogg

mom of three
Kelli Kellogg sexy shoes

Michelle Maffei

allParenting writer, mom of two
Michelle Maffei sexy shoes

Her sexy shoes: I bought these heels for a wedding I attended on a rare kid-free weekend about two-years ago. They're tall and I wore them all night, dancing and even checking them out in the window reflection — enjoying how much better my dress looked with legs that were 5 inches longer! Now I see them in my closet and laugh... I guess there is a time and a place for those fantastic heels — rare, but fantastic.

Her sexy shoes: My snakeskin sandals are my favorite pair of kicks right now, although my preschooler wears them more than I do these days! The last time I wore these heels was on my wedding anniversary last year, strolling along the Las Vegas strip with my hubby — sans kids.

Molly Smith

allParenting writer, mom of two
Molly Smith sexy shoes

Sherri Kuhn

allParenting writer, mom of two
Sherri Kuhn sexy shoes

Her sexy shoes: I love these shoes and bought them recently for no real purpose. They simply called to me and I answered! Though I usually rock TOMS on the daily, I dream of where I'll test-drive these babies — like a club, where I have no business going!

Her sexy shoes: My sexiest shoes are the shoes I wore when I was a member of the Listen to Your Mother cast in San Francisco, last May. I really just wanted something that would give my confidence a boost — and boy, did these rock! They are 4-inch heels (the tallest I've ever had) and they are amazingly comfortable.

Cortney Anderson-Sanford


Her sexy shoes: These Fendi Butterfly shoes were purchased with my loving husband, Ben, on a two-week trip we took to Greece, Turkey, Croatia and Italy. Our adventure wrapped up in Venice, where we were attending a black tie event and I needed an entire outfit to wear! I don't wear these beauties often, but I do pull them out every once in a while and take a mental vacation to Venice.

Courtney Anderson-Sanford sexy shoes

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