The next time you do his laundry, take a close look at what your husband's wardrobe has to offer! From stealing his jeans to that button-down shirt that you love him in, he won't even notice they're missing... until he sees how great you look in his clothes!

His button-down shirt

What to look for:

From his favorite work shirt that screams "office" to his coziest weekend flannel shirt — the one you have to wash every week so that it's ready for him to wear on Saturday morning — his shirt selection could be better than your own! Look for a button-down shirt that is long and slim instead of wide. Shirts with slimmer shoulder profiles will also be a better fit overall on your more feminine frame.

How to wear it:

Throw on a fitted white t-shirt or tank underneath, roll up the sleeves on his shirt, and rock his favorite button-down with a pair of cute, slim-fit pants (ditch the boyfriend-fit jeans in this case!) or even a fun pair of shorts for warm weather days. You can button it up or leave it open in front — a bright-colored, chunky, super-girly necklace is the perfect final touch.

Mens dress shirt and necklace

Try This^ Want your own? Try the Vintage Oxford Shirt in Dark Pacific Gingham ($70, J.Crew) and add the Jolie Necklace ($80, Stella & Dot)

His super soft tee

What to look for:

It make take some sneaky work to steal this piece from his closet... because it's his absolute favorite! The shirt he's had since college that he wore to every home football game? The one that an old roommate left in his dryer before the two of you were married? The one he throws on the second he gets home from work? Yup — that's the one. Steal it and wear it with pride... and see how long it takes him to notice!

How to wear it:

Pair his favorite t-shirt with a cute boyfriend style cardigan sweater, a pair of jeans and some cute, old-school sneakers for a fun, casual weekend look. You can add a long, gold necklace to take it from his closet to yours. And don't forget an extra swipe of lip gloss — while you love the way his favorite, worn-in tee feels, you don't want to look like you just rolled out of bed and threw on the first thing you saw! Glamming up your makeup a bit will help balance out the look.

Mens favorite shirt and cardigan

Try This^He's not willing to part with his beloved tee for a day? Try the Men's Marled-Jersey Graphic Tee ($15, Old Navy) and add the Olive & Oak Striped Slouch Pocket Cardigan ($54, Urban Outfitters)

His pants

What to look for:

We know that boyfriend-fit jeans are a hit with women for their baggy fit and relaxed, intentionally laid-back vibe. But, have you ever actually tried on a pair of your husband's pants to see how they fit? We dare you! It may take a belt and a roll of the cuff or two, but with a little tweaking, his pants could become your favorite new pants in the zip of a fly! Grab the slimmest pair he has in his closet for the best fit — as long as the waist works, you can manage the rest by adding a long cardigan to hide a saggy rear-end and a cuff to deal with the length.

How to wear it:

Since his pants are going to be baggy in places where yours normally aren't, try pairing them with a slim-fit top to balance the look. A pretty, floral pattern or a fun, fresh color would be perfect. Add some sweet ballet flats or even an espadrille wedge and you're good to go! Just make sure they're secure in the waist — a cute canvas belt or even a scarf pulled through the belt loops will do the trick.

Men's pants and TOMS wedges

Try This^His pants aren't a good fit? Grab your own pair, sized-up, with the Lived-in Slim Khaki in Cream Caramel ($60, GAP) and add the Red Calypso Canvas Wedges ($69, TOMS)

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