It was a shocking day the first time I tried on a dress and thought, "I'm too old for this." I was 30 or close to it, and before that I had all the innocence in the world when it came to fashion. But while I have modified my style a bit to be age-appropriate, it doesn't mean you have to watch current fashion trends from the sidelines. Some of the most fun looks right now work for everyone.

Polka dots

Not too long ago, polka dots were something you'd be more likely to see on a toddler dress. But lately polka dots have appeared on everything from jeans to dish towels. To keep this playful look appropriate for the mom crowd, it helps to choose a high-quality fabric like silk or wool or nice cotton, and watch for a sophisticated silhouette.

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Neon is one of the trickier hipster trends. Administer in small doses. My favorite way to incorporate neon is in accessories like a bag or a scarf, or in just a single stripe. Keep the rest of the outfit very plain if you go with neon.

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Nerd glasses

I don't have a medical need for eyeglasses yet, but I think glasses are so cute, especially the trendy nerdy ones. Thick black or tortoise shell frames can look both on-trend and sexy-librarian. If you wear them with confidence, you'll look so cute that no one will ever know if they're prescription or not.

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Oxford shoes

Menswear for women has come in and out of vogue, and now the style has extended to shoes. Oxfords are a stylish alternative to flats and can be worn with jeans or skirts. Leave the crazy colors to the young 'uns, but say yes to soft grays or blues.

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While some hip trends should be abandoned past a certain age, many can be worn with the certainty that you'll look great. Experiment with the latest styles and let yourself be surprised at how it will liven up your daily wardrobe.

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