It may sound counter-intuitive but face oils are some of the best ingredients for a healthy look. The latest trend in moisturizer is all about oil. From argan to grape seed, you can find one that's good for your glow.

By no means am I a product junkie, but I am slightly obsessed with finding a clean and nontoxic beauty routine that will leave me feeling and looking my best. I want to fight wrinkles and gravity as much as any other mom lined up at carpool — I just tend to lean toward the more natural approach to beauty and health. Think: less Botox and more broccoli. So when it came to the issue of spreading oil all over my face in place of my trusted moisturizer, I was left with the doubt and anxiety of an acne-prone, middle-schooler. Adding oil to your face? Sounds crazy, right? After all, we were raised to run to the ladies room to powder our noses, not lube up.

Fast forward to the winter of 2012 and my face was begging for moisture. Blame it on aging, weather or shifting hormones, but my old routine just wasn't cutting it. It was time to face my fears and take the face oil plunge. Full disclosure: I'm 39 and only break out occasionally, but I was still nervous about slathering oil on my T-zone. No grown woman wants to break out or start the day with a face full of shine.

I learned that the key to using healthy oils on your skin is to stick with plant-based oils and avoid mineral oils that clog pours.

It turns out none of my fears were realized. I learned that the key to using healthy oils on your skin is to stick with plant-based oils and avoid mineral oils that clog pores. Look for light, cold-pressed oils formulated especially for the face with organic ingredients like argan, avocado, coconut, grape seed and rosehips. In many cases, face oils are credited with actually calming acne-prone and inflamed skin. Now I'm happily using face oil every morning and night and my skin is thanking me for it. Check out this round up of healthy face oils that just might tempt you to make a change.

Juice Beauty Organic Treatment Oil



Juice beauty organic treatment oil

My personal favorite, I use this every morning underneath my sunscreen and then again in the evening after washing my face. It's light and easy to apply to my face and neck and my skin absolutely soaks it up — no grease on the pillow, I promise.

Acure Organics Moroccan Argan Oil

PRice^ $15

Acure Organics Moroccan Argan Oil

Acure has a great reputation for making affordable nontoxic personal care products. Their argan oil is safe for all skin types and it boasts a healthy dose of vitamin E and essential fatty acids to help treat fine lines and reduce scaring.

Intellimune Oil


Intellimune Oil

This stuff is a serious anti-aging fighter. The antioxidants in the formulation help to slow the signs of premature aging and promote healthy cell growth. It's also aroma-neutral for those who are sensitive to fragrances.

Amala Hydrate Treatment Oil


Amala oil

Amala's formulation can be used alone or sparingly under regular moisturizer. Its delicate blend of seed oils is ideal for very dry and chapped skin.

Vered Therapeutic Balancing Face OilVered Therapeutic Balancing Face Oil

PRice^ $68

Designed for problematic, oily skin, this herb-infused oil will help to balance inflamed and damaged skin with anti-bacterial properties.

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