Can you imagine ditching the mascara for good and still having long, pretty lashes? Eyelash extensions are all the rage in the land of beauty right now and many moms are finding that they are cutting their morning routines in half, no longer needing to plump up their lashes before taking the kids to school in the morning. But, are they for you?

Step 1: Where to go

You want those long, luscious eyelashes and you want them yesterday! Whatever you do, don't rush your eyelash extension application by booking an appointment at the first place you come across... or, via that group deals email that came across your inbox at 3 a.m. Doing a bit of research to find out where the safest, most reputable place to get your extensions will be worth your time. Consider it up there with getting a bikini wax — you wouldn't dare take up your quickie $20 pedicure place around the corner on their 2-for-1 bikini wax offer (right?) and you should treat your lashes with the same consideration.

Start by doing some online searching to see if there are any dedicated lash extension salons in your area — and be sure to verify that they are certified to apply eyelash extensions. Then, make your mama friends with extra-long lashes fess up to where they love to go. Lastly, make sure that the lash adhesive is formaldehyde-free. You should always have a consultation before your actual appointment to make sure that eyelash extensions are right for you and, at most reputable salons, this appointment should be a freebie.

Step 2: Getting lashed

woman getting eyelash extensions at salonWant to hear the best part about getting eyelash extensions — besides the lashes themselves, that is? It takes two hours to have them applied the first time. That's two full hours of mommy time! The time commitment is the most complicated part about getting eyelash extensions. The salon you choose will give you specific instructions about how to prep your lashes and most will provide special eye makeup remover for you to remove any eye products when you arrive if you're coming from work or have an appointment mid-day.

During the appointment itself, you'll be lying flat on a table, similar to a massage table, where your lashes will be applied. Your artist will apply your lashes, one by one, until the look you were hoping for is achieved, after which you'll remain still, with your eyes closed, until the adhesive is completely dry. Many moms admit to taking a little snooze while they wait!

Step 3: Maintenance!

On average, your lashes will last you around three weeks of long, batting, flirty goodness before you need to go in for a fill. Some moms report that they can last up to five weeks if you baby them by keeping shampoo and other products away from your lashes, avoid rubbing your eyes at all costs and, most importantly, by getting a top-notch set of extensions from the get-go. Maintenance of your lashes in between appointments is actually quite easy — beyond keeping your hands off of your lashes (It will be hard! You'll be tempted to touch them!), use an oil-free makeup remover and a lash brush to keep them from getting tangled. A fill appointment typically lasts around an hour, if you get in before you've lost too many lashes.

Need to know^

  • If you wear contact lenses, be sure to discuss your options for getting your lashes applied before you book an appointment.
  • Allergy alert! If you're a mom who gets seasonal allergies, think twice about getting extensions during your itchiest times of year. Not being able to rub your eyes might drive you up the wall!
  • No seriously, ditch your mascara. Not only will you not need it anymore, but if you're feeling the urge to add just a quick coat as you're nearing your next fill appointment, remember that the contents of most mascaras will weaken the glue that's holding your faux-lashes on.
  • Psst! See if your salon also does eyebrow waxing while your lashes dry! Many will do it as an add-on service while you're lying there waiting for your adhesive to set. Two appointments in one? Yes, please!
  • Decide that lash extensions aren't for you after all? Remember that most salons or makeup counters will apply temporary lash extensions for special occasions or, just because! They're easy to remove on your own and, if you're careful, can last a couple of days.

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