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Summer days are meant to be spent outside, at the playground or by the pool. And every chic mom needs to face the sunshine in style. Enter: Cute sunglasses. We've gathered the best sunglasses styles for different face shapes so you can enjoy the rays looking cute and fashionable!

Step 3: Time to shop!

Try one of these stylist-approved pairs of shades!


Coach Butterfly

Price: (LensCrafters, $148)
Coach butterfly sunglasses

Oversized Clubmaster

PRICE: (Ray-Ban, $155)
The Clubmaster Wayfarers by Ray-Ban

Kim and Chloe recommend these Coach Butterfly Sunglasses because they're a wear-forever and stay in style type of sunglasses.

Anna recommends The Clubmaster Wayfarers by Ray-Ban because they're small with nearly frameless bottom rims.


PRICE: (Ray-Ban, $160)
Ray-Ban's Aviators

Maui Jim

PRICE: (Sunglass Hut, $160)
rimless Maui Jims

Hilary recommends Ray-Ban's Aviators because thin-wired frames like aviators are chic, never go out of style and they add a little extra oomph to the bottom half of the face. Your face will instantly look more balanced, which means thinner, prettier and more symmetrical. Ray-Ban sunglasses are the hands-down favorite in the aviator category.

Illysia recommends these rimless sunglasses because they're very chic and they won't over-emphasize the top half of the face.


Square-Frame Aviator

Price: (FOREVER 21, $6)
FOREVER 21's Square-Frame Aviator Sunglasses

Quay Retro

PRICE: (Nordstrom, $38)
Quay Retro

Alicia recommends FOREVER 21's Square-Frame Aviator Sunglasses because larger frames with oversized lenses will help enhance your cheek bones.

Anna recommends Quay's retro sunglasses because this face shape can pull off any frames, might as well go for trendy, funky and fabulous!

Liv Burgundy Fade

PRICE: (Warby Parker, $95)
Liv Burgundy Fade

Marc by Marc Jacobs

PRICE: (Nordstrom, $98)
Marc by Marc Jacobs

Hilary recommends Warby Parker's new Liv Burgundy Fade sunglasses because these wide, round Jackie O-style shades add width to your face and draw the eye to the most interesting part of your face. This style is ultra-glamorous and this is definitely the pair to give you a boost of confidence!

Illysia recommends these oversized, round glasses from Marc by Marc Jacobs because they do a great job of balancing a long face.


Retro Cat Eye

Price: (FOREVER 21, $6)
Retro Half-Frame Cat Eye sunglasses

Love Sunglasses

PRICE: (, $78)
Love Sunglasses

Hilary recommends Retro Half-Frame Cat Eye sunglasses because If you're lucky enough to have high cheekbones and an oval face, you can work those cat-eye glasses that are the ultimate in preppy chic.

Illysia recommends these cat eye sunglasses because the black color and lens shape make them very sleek, and they look great on an oval face.

Round Canvas Frame

PRICE: (Calvin Klein, $105)
Calvin Klein's Round Canvas Frame sunglasses

Perfect Day in Crazy

PRICE: (Revolve Clothing, $220)
 Revolve Clothing's Perfect Day in Crazy

Alicia recommends Calvin Klein's Round Canvas Frame sunglasses because while most any frame or color works on this face shape, the best look is a style that enhances the cheek bones.

Anna recommends Revolve Clothing's Perfect Day in Crazy in tortoise, gold and black because a longer face can pull off big square frames in bold patterns without the shape or the style obstructing the face. Statement sunnies work well for oval-faced girls!


Tropical Rimless

Price: (LOFT, $25)
LOFT's Tropical Rimless sunglasses


PRICE: (Sunglasses Hut, $150)

Alicia recommends LOFT's Tropical Rimless sunglasses because this face shape can pull off wide angular sunglasses shapes with oversized details.

Illysia recommends these Ray-Ban sunglasses because their strong, elongated shape balances a full face.

Oversized Geometric

Price: (SHOPBOp, $295)
Marc Jacobs Oversized Gemoetric sunglasses

Miu Miu Catwalk

PRICE: (Bloomingdale's, $395)
Miu Miu Catwalk Sunglasses with Thin Temple

Hilary recommends Marc Jacobs Oversized Geometric sunglasses because cat-eye and square shapes are super popular this year. These give a retro-chic vibe and going for trendy, geometric frames will bring the eye of the beholder to a narrow forehead.

Anna recommends Bloomingdale's Miu Miu Catwalk Sunglasses with Thin Temple because a rounder face shape can balance out a top-heavy frame and why not pack a punch with glittery gold cat-eye sunglasses!


Tortoise Oval

Price: (Kohl's, $20)
Simply Vera Wang Tortoise Oval Sunglasses

Madewell Hepcat

SHOPBOB's Hepcat Sunglasses

Hilary recommends Simply Vera Wang Tortoise Oval Sunglasses because square-shaped faces are full of mystery and strength, so you can play it up a little with aviators or oval-shaped sunglasses!

Kim and Chloe recommend Shopbop's Hepcat Sunglasses because they're a round, trendy, fun pair of sunglasses!

Emporio Armani

PRICE: (, $88)
Emporio Armani glasses

Half Tint

PRICE: (iOffer, $105)
 iOffer's Half Tint sunglasses

Illysia recommends the oval shape of these Emporio Armani glasses because they soften a square face.

Anna recommends iOffer's Half Tint sunglasses for their chic, rounded look.

When in doubt...

If you have the urge to shop on a whim, Jennifer and Rahiel swear by aviators and round-shaped sunglasses because their shapes are flattering on almost everyone and you can have fun with both of these styles by playing with color, size and mixing metals! Just look for styles like these!

When in doubt, aviator sunglasses


  1. Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses (The Sunglasses Shop, $20)
  2. Aviator Metal Mirrored Sunglasses by Ray-Ban (STYLEBOP, $205)

When in doubt, round sunglasses


  1. Metal Top Keyhole Sunglasses (ASOS, $20)
  2. Prada Baroque Round Sunglasses (Neiman Marcus, $290)

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