Posted: Jul 23, 2013 10:00 AM
Mineral makeup is hardly the new girl on the block, but as going "green" becomes more of a trend, ditching the chemicals in your makeup will help you follow suit! We have the scoop on mineral makeup to keep you glowing this summer.

Mineral makeup 101

THe Why^ You eat organic food. You use all-natural cleaners in your home. You picked non-toxic paint for your latest re-decorating project. You've ditched as much plastic in your kitchen as possible. But, have you considered what's in your makeup? Spoiler alert... it's just as harmful to your body as the rest of the things that you've already eliminated from your life and, the chemicals in your makeup are hitting you where it hurts the most — your face.

THe Science^While all makeup is essentially made of minerals, the difference between "mineral makeup" and other makeup comes down to a couple of factors. First, look to see if the actual minerals used in the makeup are naturally occurring or made in a lab. Look for key ingredients such as titanium oxide (aluminum-free!), zinc oxide and mica. Second, just as reading the ingredients in your food, the fewer ingredients in your mineral makeup, the more pure it is. Fewer ingredients means no preservatives, which often contain the most harmful ingredients in makeup. A true mineral makeup is preservative-free and oil-free, which is why it also most commonly comes in powder form.

THe Solution^The benefits of mineral makeup go beyond eliminating chemicals from your beauty routine... they also make your skin look gorgeous! Most mineral makeups are simply brushed on in the loose powder form, giving you that natural, glowing look that every mom strives for. Some mineral makeup lines also include serums or liquid bases which you can mix the mineral powder with to make more of a traditional liquid-style foundation, giving you a heavier coverage, when needed. Be sure to invest in a good makeup brush — it's going to be your new best friend!

The mom report

Here's what other moms are saying about mineral makeup... and why they won't go back to their old makeup brands:

I think that the condition of my skin has actually improved since I started wearing it daily.

"Wearing foundation and other face makeups had made me break out in the past," says Anne, a mom of four. "I had horrible acne during my pregnancies and ever since, I've had to ditch wearing makeup, except for special occasions when I couldn't get away without any. Making the switch to mineral makeup changed everything and I think that the condition of my skin has actually improved since I started wearing it daily."

Less than five minutes, including mascara, and I'm ready to go!

Liliana, mom to two boys, says that she loves mineral makeup because it fits perfectly into her busy mom lifestyle. "I don't have time to spend even 15 minutes on my makeup anymore," she comments. "Mineral makeup is so much quicker and easier — less than five minutes, including mascara, and I'm ready to go!"

Once I got the hang of using a makeup sponge, things went a lot smoother.

Another mom, Shannon, tells us that she had a hard time getting used to mineral makeup at first. "I kept trying to apply it like I did my usual liquid foundation and it wasn't working. Once I got the hang of using a makeup sponge, things went a lot smoother and now, I'm obsessed."

Try it

While we love mineral makeup, the price tag on many lines can be enough to make you furrow your brow in frustration. Remember that you use so little when applying mineral makeup, compared to what you're likely used to, that each little container will go much further than usual, spreading out the cost.

Kari Gran mineral makeup collage

For a reasonably priced mineral makeup line that is worth every pretty penny, check out Kari Gran Skincare Makeup. Start with one of their Foundation Sample Kits ($10) to help you choose your perfect color (they'll apply the cost of your sample kit to your purchase of a full-sized foundation, once you pick a color!), then add on other makeup products as you go — concealer, eyeshadow, blush and setting powder are all under $20 each. (Psst! Don't miss Kari Gran Skincare's all-natural solution to lip gloss too — Lip Whip!)

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