Posted: Aug 27, 2013 8:00 AM
It is my personal opinion that a pixie haircut only looks good on the young, the old and the bold. As much as I wish it weren’t so, many pixie cuts scream I Simply Don't Care.

I dream of having a pixie haircut. I dream of looking tiny like Twiggy, and not blow drying my hair, and being out the door in five minutes flat. But my face is much rounder than I would like it to be, and I have a serious cowlick that must be tamed daily, and my personal style just isn't quite edgy enough to pull off spiky.

The pixie goes in and out of fashion and every time I see one done well, I wish it were for me. Most often, though, I see it done wrong. I see it on harried women of indeterminate age with bags under their eyes. I know, without any shadow of a doubt, that if I were to chop all my hair off, I would look like a harried woman of indeterminate age with bags under my eyes.

Here is who makes a pixie haircut a head-turning style:

The Young^Oh, to be that beautiful age when any style works. When your skin glows with youth. When very short hair doesn't say "I cleaned up vomit all night" but instead says "I crash in hostels" or possibly "I'm with the band."

THe old^Let's not give too fine a definition to "old" here, but I'm thinking silver hair. I'm thinking dignified. I'm thinking strength in spades.

And also, the most advanced generation with very long hair seems strange, doesn't it?

The Bold^This is where a pixie cut really shines, I think. When a lack of locks gives room for everything else cool you've got going on, people really notice. It becomes a backdrop for your style. Instead of frumpy, it feels non-conformist. Instead of lazy, it exudes power.

Beth pixie haircut

It's a very specific personality (and a very good cut) that takes a pixie from drab to glamorous. When Beth (pictured) chopped her hair off, it made total sense. She's petite, stylish and regularly wears a big smile while being a super mom to three kids and a super achiever as an architect. It works on her and inspires jealousy every time I see how cute it looks. About her pixie, she says, "I love mine. It is so much easier for me. I think it can still be fun so it isn't like short hair = mom hair. Plus it is super easy to accessorize with all sorts of fun headbands and wraps."

But I've accepted that I'm not the pixie type. I like to have options and I'm scared of commitment. So for now, I'll just have to admire from afar those women who wear the haircut well. You can't hide under your hair with a pixie, but with this kind of confidence, do you want to?

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