Posted: Oct 25, 2013 9:00 AM
Want a unique, cute look for your nails? Try these DIY nail art styles for fall. We’ve rounded up the best tutorials for stylish nail art.

Nail art is back in a big way. This fall, practice your nail art skills with these step-by-step nail art tutorials. From colorblock patterns to leopard print, these nail art styles are wild for fall fun.

Funky colorblock nails

Fall nail art: Funky color block nails

Sexy leopard print

Fall nail art: Sexy leopard print

Colorblocking continues to trend this fall. If your fall wardrobe is short on colorblocked pieces, turn to your fingernails. The best part of colorblocking is the ability to mix and match your favorite colors. Go with bold jewel tones or try several shades of gray. This subtle style works for day and night.

Get the look with the tutorial at The Nailasaurus.

Leopard print is wonderful in the fall, when deep colors and golds are popular. Give your fingernails a sexy print with a leopard print pattern that's funky without going overboard. Leopard print is great if you're progressing from beginner nail art but you're not quite an expert yet.

Get the look with the tutorial at MissKatV.

Gold speckled nails

Fall nail art: Gold speckled nails

Mustache nails

Fall nail art: Mustache nails

Once you master adding gold flecks and jewels, you can apply them to any base coat color. For a dramatic fall look, try the gold over black or a deep, burnt orange. Wear this fall look for date night or a special event. It’s big on drama and might be a little too much for daytime wear.

Get the look with the tutorial at Love Maegan.

Cute, curly mustaches are the new birds when it comes to decorative accents. They show up on everything from outlet plates to necklaces, and now they can appear on your nails. For a cute, everyday look, decorate your nails with dainty mustaches. This pattern is easy for beginners and works with any color base coat.

Get the look with the tutorial at Did My Nails.

Dramatic geometric nails

Fall nail art: Dramatic geometric nails

Distressed striped nails

Fall nail art: Distressed striped nails

Geometric patterns are hot this fall. Embrace angles with nail art that uses tape to cleverly create geometric patterns on your nails. This challenging pattern takes some practice, but once you get it down, you'll love the ability to create unique patterns in an endless array of colors.

Get the look with the tutorial at Lucy's Stash.

You can't go wrong with stripes. For a look you'll want to wear every day, try delicate, shimmery gold and silver stripes over a creamy white base. This sexy and stylish fall look is just subtle enough for everyday wear. It takes practice to get the tape even for the stripes, but the end result is totally worth it.

Get the look with the tutorial at Wink and Blush.

Dandelion nails

Fall nail art: Dandelion nails

Chalkboard nails

Fall nail art: Chalboard nails

Whimsical dandelions are a sign of spring, but this delicate gray design is perfect for fall. The soft, beginner-friendly design will match beautifully with your chunky fall sweaters. If you struggle with lines, this nail art design will give you a chance to practice on a more inexact shape.

Get the look with the tutorial at The Little Canvas.

The chalkboard craze has extended to nail art. Matte black looks fantastic when covered in cute chalkboard designs. Matte topcoats give your favorite black polish the look and feel of a chalkboard. Pastel polishes and nail art pens give you the ability to create your favorite designs on your tiny chalkboards.

Get the look with the tutorial at All Lacquered Up.

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