Ever wonder how to choose necklaces to go with your neckline? We’ve got you covered! Our easy-to-follow tips and photos will make completing that perfect outfit a breeze every time!

Choosing the right necklace for your neckline can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be. Jewelry designer Lisa Lehmann helps with a go-to necklace style guide.

Lisa- Studio Jewel necklace maker

Lisa creates stunning one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry for today's modern woman and man at Studio Jewel. She's a mom, wife, artist, goldsmith, maker, creating artisan and, for today, your stylist.

Lisa says, "What necklace to go with what? Should you or shouldn't you? What's too much or too little? A typical morning accessory question. These are some basic tips to think about as you choose your wardrobe for the day!"

High necklines

High necklines — like turtleneck sweaters or turtleneck dresses — rise up around the throat, sleekly or in folds, to sit under the chin.

High necklines- necklace suggestions

Lisa's Tips^ Choose something longer to bring the focus down, elongating your look. Here's where you can go bold and even chunky. Try Lisa's Boho Necklace for Your Journey ($158) or her Sterling Silver Leaf Pendant ($82).

Jewel neckline

Jewel necklines have a simple, high, round shape and are commonly found in T-shirts.

Jewel neckline- necklace suggestions

Lisa's Tips^ Keep it sweet and simple. Understated is the key. Something that will gracefully cascade over your clavicle bones… very sexy. Try Lisa's Personalized Silver Necklace ($92) or her Sister Necklace ($58).


V-necks slope down to a point between or above the breasts.

V-neck necklines- necklace suggestions

Lisa's Tips^ Go a bit lower but not past the V. However, if your top isn't patterned, you can go long and even layer short and long with something in the neckline, then something low. Try Lisa's Full Moon Circle Pendant Necklace ($82) or her Boho Necklace ($92).

Strapless necklines

Strapless-wear cuts across the chest under the arms.

Strapless necklines- necklace suggestions

Lisa's Tips^ Strapless-wear is the time to forgo necklaces completely and wear sexy little earrings and bracelets instead. But if you find yourself reaching for a necklace, keep it simple and short. Try Lisa's Horseshoe Necklace ($64) or her Layered Choker ($188).

Basic scoop neckline

Scoop necklines have a deep U shape that's characterized by a large width and a full curve that dips down the chest.

Basic scoop neckline- necklace suggestions

Lisa's Tips^ Now is the time to layer and choose some volume unless your top is very patterned, then choose to stay within the confines of the "bare" part of your neck. Try Lisa's Irish Clover Necklace ($108) or her Large Open Heart Pendant ($88).

Boat neck

Boat necklines are fairly high and wide and give the shape of a shallow canoe.

Boat neck- necklace suggestions

Lisa's Tips^ Try something light and long like Lisa's Long Silver and Copper Necklace ($162) or her Fashion Statement Necklace ($132).

Cowl necklines

Cowl necklines or busy fancy-type tops incorporate excess fabric, so that instead of smoothly falling across the body the neckline drapes and forms soft curves.

Lisa's Tips^ Skip the neck-wear and go straight for the earrings!

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