Posted: Jan 01, 2014 10:00 AM
It's a new year, which means in the Land of Fashion, everything that was so "in" last year is now so "out." Find out what will be on-trend in 2014 and how to wear it!

Chiffon isn't just for bridesmaids in 2014

Trend^ Chiffon has received a bad reputation in the world of fashion... at least in the world of wearable fashion! Here's to hoping that 2014 is the year that this pretty fabric that flows like magic becomes a favorite in your wardrobe. Give chiffon and other flowy fabrics another try in the New Year — we love that you can easily layer them with other pieces to make them season-less!

How to wear it^ There's a lot to consider when wearing lightweight fabrics and because they do tend to cling in all of the wrong places at times, finding the right fit for your body shape is paramount, as is wearing undergarments that will keep everything under there as smooth as possible.

2014 fashion trends- chiffon

What to wear^Free People Waterfalls Print Woven Slipdress (Nordstrom, $148), Pleated Maxi Skirt (Garnet Hill, $108)

Modernize the fringe

Trend^ It feels as if fringe comes in and out of our lives as often as our preschooler sneaks out of his room at bedtime. For 2014, fringe is not only in, but it's a fashion trend highlight, with brands putting a modern twist on the classic fringed shapes and silhouettes.

How to wear it^ Remember friends, the first rule of wearing fringe is that a little goes a long way. Add on a fringe-inspired accessory or a top with a hint of fringe in an unexpected spot. If you look in the mirror before you leave the house and have a flashback to the '70s or look like you're going to a costume party as a flapper, you've missed the trend.

2014 fashion trends- fringe

What to wear^ Sabina Fringe Sleeve Blouse (, $59), Sequin Fringe Necklace (, $36)

Leave the skinny jeans in your closet

Trend^ Pants with shape started to put their roots down in 2013 and this trend is really taking hold in 2014. While we're sure that skinny jeans are going to stick around, adding some pants that are wider in the legs, cropped and tapered at the ankle or full-on billowed, will be a good way to update your closet for 2014's newest fashion trends.

How to wear it^ Once you've found a pair of pants with shape that you love, look closely at what you'll wear them with. Consider a fitted top that won't compete with the silhouette of your pants and a shoe that complements the length of the pants — heels or flats for a pant that's cropped at the ankle and shoes with a platform that will create balance with a wide, full leg.

2014 fashion trends- pants with shape

What to wear^ Drapey Crepe Ankle Pants (Old Navy, $30), Mossimo Supply Co. Smocked Waist Knit Wide Leg Pants (Target, $18)

Making a statement

Trend^ You've seen this trend when shopping for your kids, but for 2014, statement T-shirts or graphic T-shirts, as they're also known, are making their way into adult fashion as well. Using your clothes to declare your love for where you live, to show your support for your favorite cause or even to make a political stand will keep you on-trend.

How to wear it^ With dozens and dozens of statement T-shirts to choose from right now, pick wisely. Then pair your tee with your favorite jeans and a cute sweater for a young, hip look. Want to update the trend? Buy your statement T-shirt in a size that fits you well, tuck it into some hot pants (leather, anyone?) and throw on a dressy, cropped jacket over the top. Add a bold necklace and you're set!

2014 fashion trends- statement tees

What to wear^ Trust Your Guts Crew Neck (Ascot+Hart, $32), Peace Love Rock Tee (Urban Outfitters, $28)

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