Posted: Mar 25, 2014 9:00 AM
Cute nails are a hip mom’s must-have. And the best ideas? They come from the mom (blogger) next door, of course! Real moms share their cute nail ideas and cute nail how-tos! You’re going to love these go-to cute nail design ideas!
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Our favorite beauty tips come the old school way — friend to friend. Real mom (bloggers) share their favorite nails with their favorite readers — you!

nails: Kat BouskaKat Bouska is the writer behind Mama's Losin' It, where she documents her life as a work-at-home mom... lovely nails and all. About her share-worthy nails, Kat says, "I love patriotic nail colors! My advice is to either use the correct tools for nail art, have them professionally done or do them yourself on a whim and don't take yourself too seriously. I'm terrible at it, but when I keep my hands in constant motion they look good!"

Nail Polish Tip^ I use less expensive brands like the Sally Hansen line (Target, $3) to play with before I decide whether or not it's a look I'll wear often. If it is, I'll spring for a higher end brand!

Nails: Amy Askin

Amy Askin shares tips and tricks on to save you from the same mishaps she's experienced in world travel, parenting, education, cooking, DIY projects and more! About her share-worthy nails, Amy says, "I love combing Pinterest to find new nail designs! My daughters and I have been eager to try this fun leopard print over our favorite blue shimmery polish and who doesn't love to feature an accent nail?"

Nail Polish Tip^The nail polish colors I used are "Mermaid to Order" from Sephora by OPI (Sephora, $5-$10) and 1010N (Black) from Manhattan (Manhattan, $5- $10).

Nails: Miya Goodrich-Phillips

Miya Goodrich-Phillips is a breast cancer survivor, animal lover and hopefully new mom in the very near future! About her share-worthy nails, Miya says, "I use the INSTA-DRI because I have zero patience and I use the top coat because I've had a love affair with glitter since the age of 6!"

Nail Polish Tip^I use Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI in Petal Pusher (Target, $3) for the first two coats, then I add Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Silver Anniversary (Target, $4) as the top coat.

Nails: Amanda Austin

Amanda Austin is a full-time working mama of a 3-year-old boy and (soon to be) baby girl, a blogger, a social media manager and a nail art and beauty addict. About her share-worthy nails, Amanda says, "After years of being a "polish-head," I discovered Jamberry Nail Wraps and my nail life has changed for the better! Jamberry wraps are non-toxic vinyl wraps that are applied using heat and pressure for a super-long look with no chips or smudges. I am partial to classic, simple styles that go with anything — think stripes, chevrons and polka dots!"

Nail Polish Tip^Don't be afraid to mix up patterns in your nail art. Add a floral accent nail to a classic striped pattern for a fun, flirty look. The nail art I used is Icy Polka Jamberry Nail Wraps (Jamberry Nails, $15).

Nails: Tabatha M

Tabatha M. is a writer, sociologist, DIYer, mother and cat hoarder. The usual. About her share-worthy nails, Tabatha says, "I love a good accent nail. It's a quick and easy way to add interest to a mani when you may not have enough time to do anything complex (or, if you're like me, you know your nails will be destroyed by life within 48 hours) and can, in some cases, be the perfect way to send a little message. Ahem. Also, glitter. Because glitter."

Nail Polish Tip^The nail colors I used were Chai Latte (ORLY, $19) with Liquid Vinyl (black, obvs) (ORLY, $19) for the accent nails and an all-over coat of China Glaze Luxe And Lush (ORLY, $19) which is like an opalescent holo glitter.

Nails: Susan Petcher

Susan Petcher writes about happiness in spite of mental illness over at Learned Happiness and is a contributing writer for Postpartum Progress. About her share-worthy nails, Susan says, "I'm all for easy but fun! My favorite polish is the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri formula. It dries in minutes so I can move on to changing diapers and folding clothes!"

Nail Polish Tip^I love Sally Hansen's Style Steel color (Target, $3). Just enough sparkle and shine without looking too young!

Nails: Sarah Rudell BeachSarah Rudell Beach is the creator of Left Brain Buddha, a blog where she shares the challenges and riches in her journey to live and parent mindfully, joyfully and thoughtfully. About her share-worthy nails, Sarah says, "Glitter! Or alternating colors, usually to coordinate with a holiday!"

Nail Polish Tip^The nail polish colors I used are Sinful Colors (Walgreens, $2) and Glitter is Sinful Colors "Hottie" 831.

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