As temperatures and hemlines rise, it’s time to tame those out-of-control winter tresses — and not the ones on your head. Here’s our list of the top hair removal products available to make your legs and bikini area as smooth as your babe's bottom.
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Summer is upon us and with warmer weather comes more revealing apparel. Shorts, skorts, capris, minis and the dreaded bathing suit. Eek. Summer has so much skin on display, skin which often times requires, um, maintenance. Some moms are totally cool with going au naturel, and we salute those ladies for saving the time, money and effort that goes along with ladyscaping your legs and ladyparts. Hear, hear! But for those who prefer a more tonsured appearance, we talked to real women to see what works best for them.

Razors, no shaving cream

A couple of moms suggested the tried and true razor, but with a twist — leave-in conditioner in lieu of shaving cream. Michelle Maffei, author, copywriter, photographer and all-around busy mom, says "Using hair conditioner on your bikini line leaves you fuzz-free without the bumps. I just leave it on for a couple of minutes to soften the hair and then shave away the unwanted strands."

I love that I can run out to virtually any store and it's affordable.

Blogger and social media guru Kimberly Kindle is another fan of substituting leave-in conditioner but she loves to use it with the Venus razor. "I love Abba Leave-in Conditioner, it leaves no bumps. I use it with my trusty Venus razor. Being a busy mom of three there is very little thought, effort or time involved with the Venus. I love that I can run out to virtually any store and it's affordable."

Mandi Wise, self-employed WAHM mom of two also loves her razor, but only with Coochy lotion by Pure Romance. "Coochy is my must have for shaving, especially when it comes to the bikini line. No red bumps, ingrown hairs or horrible 'second-day itch.' Coochy conditions while I shave, leaving my skin very soft. It even helps the hair grow back slower and softer too."

Sugar wax

Mom of four and full-time counselor Anna Baez swears by waxing, specifically sugar wax at a salon. "I get it done and they use a sugar wax. It’s not as painful as any other wax I have used. I tried to wax myself but I hate ripping it off my body and it becomes a mess."

Laser hair removal

Self-employed business woman Anna Cox's go-to for hair removal is more long-term: laser treatments. "I began with my underarms and bikini and it took nine sessions. I went every 11 to 12 weeks. Halfway through the underarms and bikini, I was getting such good results that I added the lower leg, which obviously extended my time. Overall, it took about 18 months total. It was so worth it though. I honestly have not shaved since I completed my treatments."

I love being able to throw on a swimsuit whenever I want to without thinking about when I last shaved. It was worth every ounce of pain I felt during the treatments.

Author Rachel LeRoy agreed with Anna. "I have thick, coarse, black hair. Everywhere. I tried wet razors, dry razors, Nair, waxing… and my problem area was always my bikini area. When the hair grew back I had horrible, red bumps all over. The coarse hair breaking the skin would cause a rash. I would time my waxing appointments around vacations and shave so carefully. I tried lots of tricks like using milk on cotton balls, witch hazel, hydrocortisone cream. Nothing kept the red bumps away because the skin itself was not irritated, it was the hair breaking through the skin. I sometimes wore shorts over my swimsuit just so I wouldn't have to think about it. I finally had laser hair removal. I did my armpits as a test area and then my full bikini. The results were amazing! I think my inner thighs are now the softest spot on my body! I never get bumps, and two years later I occasionally get one stray hair coming in, but it is fine and soft and I tweeze it. My underarms don't have the black dots under the skin that you can see on brunettes even if they've just shaved. I live in Florida and I love being able to throw on a swimsuit whenever I want to without thinking about when I last shaved. It was worth every ounce of pain I felt during the treatments."

Overall laser hair removal received the most enthusiastic recommendation, with women who'd completed treatments seemingly thrilled with the results. While that may not be a viable option for the bikini season right around the corner, there's no time like the present to get ready for next year.

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