Posted: May 27, 2014 8:00 AM
A tote is the perfect bag to carry as a mom. It's roomy and can hold anything from snacks and diapers to iPads and toys for summer park trips and travel. From straw to mesh, these totes are on trend.
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I don't know about you but as soon as I could ditch the diaper bag, I did. It was like a shedding of the baby weight when I left the diaper bag behind. However, I did miss having a large roomy bag that could carry everything I needed for a day out with the kids. It's no fun carrying a small, yet expensive, crossbody purse and having Goldfish crusted to the bottom of it at the end of the day. The summer season is the perfect time to get a new chic tote to carry everywhere from park play dates to beach vacations.

Clear totes

The one thing about a tote bag is that it's one big bag with very few pockets. Meaning that unless you're super organized and put your cosmetics in one bag and your snacks in another, you're digging around the bag looking for what you need at that exact moment. Unfortunately, I'm not that organized person and I end up dumping as much as I can into the bag as quickly as I can. So I'm often left digging while my kids are screaming for snacks. A clear tote is the perfect bag for a grab-and-go mom like me, as you can see the location of the snacks before you reach your hand in. It's also a good bag for the beach, especially if you choose to carry a transparent mesh bag as most of the sand will fall through so you don't end up with your own little sand island in the car or at home.

Straw totes

When you start to see the straw totes around town, you know that summer is near. It's one of the perfect bags for the hot summer season and is so fun to carry around town because it has a casual, laid-back vibe. A straw bag is also great for the beach as the sand tends to fall through it. A straw bag is also one of the more flexible bags because the straw tends to expand fitting more into the bag than a structured bag. These straw bags will have you feeling like you're on permanent vacation for the summer.

Canvas totes

The most popular of all the totes, the canvas tote is perfect for any day outing or vacation you have planned. Made of cotton, most are easy to wash or wipe clean and can withstand the entire summer of traveling without falling apart. The canvas tote is also one you can have fun with as most companies offer monogramming so you can know which one is yours among all the bags at the pool. After the summer season, the canvas tote becomes a great bag for trips to the farmers market and holding all your fresh fruits and veggies.

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