Posted: May 20, 2014 10:00 AM
Do you own a hair turban or hair scarf yet? Etsy is swarming with cute options in super-fun fabrics, and more moms and girls are sporting this hair accessory trend to keep their hair out of their faces and add a bit of spunk to their outfits.
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What is the difference between a turban and a scarf?

Not much, really. Hair turbans are often made from scarves, so the difference comes down to how you wear it. Typically, a turban spreads the material out on your head more, sometimes even covering the entire top of your head, like you would imagine a true turban to do. Lately the trend has been turbans that are thick around the back of your head, on the nape of your neck over your hair, and then twist on the front of your hairline, near your forehead.

A scarf, on the other hand, is a bit more versatile and can be twisted and scrunched a million different ways to be worn in or on your hair. You can wrap one around your top-knot bun or pull the tails of the scarf underneath a ponytail, making it as thick or thin as you'd like on top of your head, like a traditional headband.

How to wear them

The best part about wearing hair turbans and scarves? They work great in any type of hair — long, short, curly, straight, fine or thick.

Step 1^ Start by fixing your hair as you normally would. Straighten it. Curl it. Fluff it. Add product. Or let it be, if that's what you typically do.

Step 2^ Decide if you're going to wear your hair up or down. If you're wearing it up, try putting your hair up first (even just temporarily), then add your scarf and fix your ponytail or top knot once it's in place. If you're wearing it down, you can also put it up for a moment to situate your scarf underneath the back of your hair. Or, if you're wearing a turban that goes over your hair, leave it down and get your turban in place.

Step 3^ Touch up your hair after you have your hair turban or scarf in place. You might have a stray curl or two that needs to be readjusted or you might need some product or a few pins to keep things in place for the day.

What moms are saying

One super-stylish mom, Ari, who often sports a hair turban, shares that when she started wearing them, she loved her turbans with a hint of stretch in them to get a proper fit. "The scarves that were silky were pretty, but they would always slip out and I could never get them tight enough" she told us.

"My daughter is a huge fan of scarves and turbans," says mom of two, Rosalyn. "She keeps them in her hair longer than a clip and they are the only way I can really keep her bangs out of her face." Rosalyn also shares that scarves and turbans usually stay put better when her daughter's hair is dirty.

A tip from another mom who rocks a scarf in her hair on occasion: "Make sure your hair is dry before you put it on, especially if you are using scarves that aren't easily washed."

Turban product suggestions

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