Posted: Sep 18, 2014 5:00 AM
Chlorine, sun and salt mean serious summer hair damage. Repair your tresses with recommended products for hair repair — from texture problems to color issues.
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Tame the frizz

Heat and humidity can turn waves and curls into untamed manes. Take control of the frizz with Moroccanoil Treatment. The argan-rich oil fills gaps in dry, damaged hair, which smooths and controls frizz. Moroccanoil Treatment can be used as a restorative product, but you can use a bit of it to style your hair. With the Home and Travel Duo you receive a large and small bottle of the Treatment, so you can toss one into your bag for touch-ups during the day (, $49).

Add shine to dull hair

Sun and wind can dull even the shiniest hair. For an immediate fix, try John Frieda Luminous Glaze. Apply the gel-creme formula to wet hair, and see an instant boost in the glossiness of your hair. The Clear Shine works with any hair color, though Luminous Glaze is also available in the Brilliant Brunette® line for a tint of brown to enhance your hair's color (Target, $9).

Strengthen damaged and broken hair

Pulling wet hair into ponytails or quickly detangling with any brush you can find leaves you with broken strands of hair by the end of the summer. You don't need to chop your locks to regain the smooth hair you had before joining your water babies in the pool day in and day out. Aveda's damage remedy line has four products that can help restore your damaged hair. Keep the intensive restructuring treatment in the shower, and use it once a week for a luxurious deep-conditioning treatment. Apply the intensive restructuring treatment after shampooing and let it sit for five minutes for softer, stronger hair (Aveda, $35).

Fixing chlorine-damaged hair

Fighting the battle against chlorine is best done before you dive into the water. Use a hydrating shampoo and always be sure to douse your hair with water before hitting the pool. Chlorine seeps into dry hair much more easily than wet hair, so a simple 30-second rinse is one of your best defenses. If your best efforts weren't enough and the chlorine damage has tinted your hair that tell-tale greenish shade, try aspirin to banish the green. Crush and dissolve some run-of-the-mill Bayer aspirin into water — about six to eight tablets — and work through your hair before rinsing and conditioning (, $10).

Dry hair quickly for less damage

After spending the time to find products that work to repair your hair, you want to keep it from becoming damaged from indoor stressors. Blow drying is one of the necessary evils of hair styling — very few good hair days happen directly from the shower. A high quality blow dryer can mean the difference between shiny, healthy hair and more of the dull, stressed strands you saw at the end of summer. The T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i dries your hair so quickly that it only blasts away the moisture on the surface of your hair without stripping the moisture in your hair's cuticle (Sephora, $250).

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