Posted: Sep 21, 2014 8:00 AM
When you use dry shampoo more than actual shampoo, you need these road-tested looks. (Hint: No ponytails allowed.)
Photo credit: Suede Salon

1. Topknot bun


Photo credit: Suede Salon

According to hair stylist Becky Dreschler at Suede Salon, Spa and Body in New Jersey, buns are very on trend right now and work for really any type of hair. (You don't even need one of those fancy bun products to create the look.) She says to gather the hair at the crown of your head and secure with a band. Next, backcomb the hair with a fine tooth comb, spray with medium hold hairspray then twist hair and wrap around the base, pinning the loose hair as you go. Her final tip — "Buns don't need to be neat and perfect anymore. Loose pieces add an edgy style to the finished look."

2. Twists


Photo credit: Suede Salon

Dreschler notes that twists can be a stylish look when wearing your hair down. Simply pull an inch-wide section of hair back from each side of a center part, twist each section, pull it back by the ear and secure it with a bobby pin. She adds, "If you have a deep side part, you can take the heavier section, twist and pin behind the ear to dress up a hairstyle."

3. Beach waves

Beach waves

Photo credit: Suede Salon

Beach waves are an ideal way to cut your blow drying process short or even entirely out of your routine while still ending up with a beautiful hairstyle. Christy Croutch, stylist at Chris Le Salon in North Phoenix, suggests an overnight route for the end result by taking big pieces of wet or damp hair, twisting them and then securing them loosely to your head with bobby pins. In the morning, simply undo the mini buns and spray with a homemade sea salt spray using four tablespoons of sea salt mixed with a cup of water in a spray bottle.

Example twist

Photo credit: Chris Le Salon

Dreschler notes another way to achieve beach waves is to use label.m Sea Salt Spray, (, $16) on partially dry hair. She says, "Once hair starts to dry halfway, spray all over the hair, scrunching the ends as you go." Let the hair dry naturally. She adds that hair with some natural curl or waves will generally have the bet success with this style.

4. Easy updos


Photo credit: Chris Le Salon

Updos lend a polished, completed style to not-freshly washed hair. Croutch suggests dividing your hair into two even parts, as if you were going to create some pigtails. Then twist each section away from the face and secure with bobby pins, tucking loose pieces under as you go. The finished look can be either sophisticated or fun and funky, depending on how you choose to pin the ends at the top. She suggests twisting back long bangs from the part as well.

5. Accessories

Messy twist

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Instead of topping your hair off with a baseball cap, get creative with accessories. One of my favorite hair accessories is a bandana. Croutch created this updo for me by tying the bandana around my head, making a knot at the top.

She instructs, "Divide the hair into three sections — one on the top and two underneath — then pin them up with loose ends meeting at the crown of the head." Secure the bandana into place with additional bobby pins. She reminds, "It can be uneven and imperfect. Messy is in." This look can also be dressed up by using a flower or bow instead of a bandana. I wore my bandana style the rest of the day after she styled it for me and my hair ended up in cool waves by nighttime.


My favorite healthy hair tips

Because I have long, thick hair, washing it and drying it on the daily is super time consuming. About six months ago, I began doing one good blow out at the beginning of the week, and then preserving it for up to five days with the help of coconut oil for hydration on the tips and dry shampoo (or sometimes good old-fashioned baby powder) at the roots to prevent the oily-and-dirty look. By day four, I generally have to start getting creative with updos and braids but I try to avoid the mom-ponytail if at all possible.

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