I'm convinced that when it comes to kids and eating it's all about marketing and presentation. AllParenting offers creative wording tactics to get your kids to eat without complaint!

The name game

Kids are hard-wired to know when something is healthy... and they subsequently snub the healthy stuff every time, deeming it disgusting without even trying it.

I used to offer my son turkey sandwiches, but he turned his nose up at them every time. Then I started calling them turkey roll-ups and now he gobbles them down like nobody's business. It's a small switch that doesn't really make a difference to me but it does to him and that's all that matters.

Avoid the H word

I've tried time and again to revamp my family's not-so-perfect eating patterns by tossing shelves of pre-packed snacks in favor of a refrigerator full of healthy fruits and vegetables. My kids really are good eaters when it comes to fruits and veggies and they'll eat them without too much fuss. But if they get wind that I am going on one of my healthy clean sweeps, they moan and groan. So I no longer announce my pre-packaged and over-processed food purges. I simply do it and replace those items with healthy ones.

If it looks like a cookie, it is a cookie

I have a secret. I have been making all natural, no-sugar added oatmeal bars for my kids and they devour them up like cookies. Just because I call them cookies. And I'm not lying because they are cookies! Healthy ones with no added sugar that is. But that takes all the fun out of it, right? As far as my kids are concerned, Mommy sometimes even let's them have cookies for breakfast. With healthy substitutes and delicious natural baking/cooking products widely available, it is easier than ever to explore healthy new recipes that your kids really will love.

Healthy eating is not a punishment

Fruits and vegetables have gotten a bad rap from kids since the beginning of time (I can only imagine), but you can help reverse this way of thinking. Instead of using bad or sugar-laden foods as rewards (i.e. eat your peas and you can have a cookie!), try giving the healthy stuff a little love. But this has to start from the ground floor.

Starting a garden with your kids will help give them an appreciation for the good food they are harvesting and will get them excited about growing and trying new fruits, vegetables and herbs. If growing a garden is unrealistic for you, take your kids exploring at the local farmers market or a u-pick orchard to discover the fun and beauty of healthy eating from the start.

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