Posted: Jun 13, 2012 7:00 AM
There's a misconception that in order to eat real foods or to eat healthy, you have to spend a lot of money. While that can be true, there are also so many ways to eat healthy on a budget. Here are just a few tips and sites to get you started on your next real food grocery shopping trip.

Before we really get started, there's a chance you're wondering, "What is healthy and what do you mean by real foods?"

The best way to really learn more about a clean diet is by reading what the true experts have to say. And we have been lucky enough to stumble upon some pretty fun and informative reads.

Check out the reads

Some amazing books and resources to learn more about making healthy real food changes are:

And now that you have the knowledge, let's find all that amazing food on a budget. Eating healthy doesn't have to break the bank, and with these websites we've found, you will definitely be on your way to health and wealth. (Okay, we can't promise that last one. But maybe!)

It's the in thing to do

Coupons are so the in thing to do these days, so it's time to get coupon savvy and know where to go. A few online resources we love are:

  • Healthy Life Deals: An amazing blog/website that shares all the latest deals and coupons for healthy and organic food. A daily read for sure.
  • Organic Deals & Coupons: Another amazing website where you are continually updated on organic foods/products that are on sale and links to coupons. The website's deal finder (blogger) is amazing, eats all organic herself and on a budget! Check her out and learn how to follow in her footsteps!
  • Natures Knockout: A mom/daughter duo who eat and use only natural and healthy products. While they don't only focus on food, they do have a variety of incredible recipes and tips on eating healthy without spending a ton of money. Plus, they're adorable... so they make it fun to learn.

Be in the know as to where the deals are

  • Find the companies that make real, natural and organic foods and like their pages on Facebook as well as follow them on Twitter. Often times they will post coupons and sales specifically for their followers, which will absolutely make you feel a part of the in crowd.
  • Don't forget about your local Costco & Walmart, where you can absolutely find healthy real foods for a great deal. For example, Costco has amazing wild-caught fish and organic frozen fruits, Coach's Oats, quinoa and more. And Walmart has really been stepping it up and trying to incorporate more and more healthy items to choose from, such as frozen fruits, vegetables and healthy oils -- and a large selection of nuts and condiments which have real-food ingredients.
  • Believe it or not, shopping online may save you even more money! Websites such as Vitacost and Amazon can be your easy one-stop shop for so many organic and natural food items -- and you get free shipping with a minimum order. We've found, in using these websites, that they often have similar or even cheaper prices than the same items found at Sprouts or Whole Foods. And we don't have to deal with lines and out-of-stock products. Plus we get a package delivered right to our door! And who doesn't love a package?
  • And lastly, don't be afraid to learn from those who have gone before us. Sometimes being a copy cat is the best way to learn and save. Here's just one amazing guru in the world of the Internet that has gone the road of healthy eating and saved money in the process!

100 Days of Real Food

Lisa is kind of a big deal in that she not only did 100 days of eating only real foods, but then she did another challenge of 100 days of eating only real foods on a budget. And then lucky for us, she documented the entire thing. Here you will find recipes, tips and tricks, deals and more. She is a hub of knowledge and you will quickly want to be her BFF.

Overall, we hope that at the very least we have sparked an interest and reduced the fear of eating real and healthy foods. Also by doing just a little bit of Google searching, you are well on your way to saving your health and your budget!

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