Posted: Mar 28, 2013 9:00 AM
Lori Lange is a former elementary school teacher who traded the classroom for the kitchen when she founded the blog The Recipe Girl Cookbook comes out April 15. We chatted with Lori about her new cookbook and life at home in the kitchen.

The Recipe Girl

Lori Lange creates everyday recipes for the home cook. Her new cookbook, The Recipe Girl Cookbook has over 200 original recipes designed to inspire the home cook. Her hope is to show home cooks that the kitchen is an enjoyable place used to create memories as well as delicious food. The Recipe Girl Cookbook is filled with recipes for all meals of the day and contains vegetarian, gluten-free and diary-free recipes. Another great feature? Lori includes themed menus for easy entertaining. There is something for everyone in The Recipe Girl Cookbook!

According to Lori, her new cookbook is designed to "appeal to people who like to be in the kitchen and who are looking for some new ideas for dinner and for people who like to entertain." For the entertaining section, she takes traditional recipes and turns them into themed menus. For example, a simple anytime brunch, a Super Bowl party, or a 4th of July celebration.

Advice for moms with picky eaters

Lori's advice for picky eaters? Get those kids in the kitchen! While her son is not a picky eater and even writes his own food blog, Recipe Boy, Lori has nieces and nephews who are picky eaters so she is always talking to her sister-in-law about ways to help. "I think it's really important from a very early age to expose kids to everything you can as a normal food and not cater to just what they will eat. It's easier said than done but it's important to get them involved in the kitchen, get them involved in the cooking, take them to the farmers market and have them pick out interesting vegetables. Kids are more apt to try things when they are involved in the process." says Lori.

Busy weeknights: Go light

During the week, Lori likes to keep things light. She likes to whip something up really quick, and does a lot of jazzed up quesadillas with chicken, chili beans, chopped zucchini and different cheeses. She will do the same thing with pastas. She likes to make a heavy sauce loaded with vegetables, throw in some marinara sauce and toss with pasta. She likes to keep it heavy on the vegetables and light on the pasta. Another light weeknight favorite? Grilled fish with a vegetable and a small potato.

Cooking at home with her son

Lori likes to cook with her son and make what he likes to eat. One of her favorite meals to cook alongside her son that he loves is chicken drumsticks with spinach salad. She has a recipe in the new cookbook for sweet, lemon-glazed drumsticks that are a family favorite. Lori says it's a fun thing for kids to eat because they get to pick it up and eat it. She also says her son really loves spinach salad with goat cheese and bacon. Sounds like an easy, delicious and fun meal to make!

Publishing a cookbook

Lori has always wanted to write a cookbook and last year felt like it was the next step after building her successful website. She was contacted by an agent who told her, "It's time for you to write a cookbook!” Lori says, "I'm not sure I would have been motivated to do it without the push from the agent." She knows from other people who have written cookbooks just how hard it is. And would she do it again? Absolutely! Her advice for anyone with a dream of publishing a cookbook? "If you have that passion, go for it! You need the passion behind the want because it's a long process and a lot of work. It's also good to have an agent on your side and in your court to bounce ideas off of."

Fun facts about The Recipe Girl^

  • Lori spends an hour and a half at the gym every day. She says it's part of her routine and she has to do it. She also said a lot of her creative energy is happening at the gym on the treadmill. She thinks about recipes and what she wants to write down when she gets home.
  • Lori lives in San Diego so naturally she loves to go to the beach and walk. She also loves hosting happy hours and watching the California sunset.
  • Lori's family likes to travel and has done numerous cross country driving trip where they have hit 27 states on each trip!
  • Lori's last meal? Hands down, French Brie with a crusty baguette to start, spaghetti carbonara, a plain New York cheesecake for dessert — all with a delicious red wine!

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