Posted: Jun 10, 2013 10:00 AM
Father’s Day is just around the corner. Because the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, we asked food bloggers to share their guys' favorite recipe picks. Curious which mouthwatering food they chose for their Father's Day recipes? Find out and repeat for your guy!

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. We've all heard that before — probably because it's true! Are you looking for something ridiculously mouthwatering to prep, make or bake for your favorite guy on Father's Day? Us, too! Thankfully, food bloggers gave us a sneak peek into each of their husband's favorite dishes they make! So this Father's Day, try one — or two! — of these dad-approved recipes for the guys in your life!

Start off right with a perfect appetizer

Sara De Leeuw onion rings

Sara De Leeuw writes the food blog My Imperfect Kitchen where she cooks and writes by the words, "Life isn't perfect, but it should always be delicious!" Her guy absolutely loves her onion rings! She says, "Customize the seasonings and get crunchy onion rings perfect for your hero!"

Make it^ To find out how to make this crunchy treat, visit My Imperfect Kitchen!

Jacqueline Fisch steak and potato salad

Jacqueline Fisch writes Barefoot Essence, a blog where she aims to inspire a minimalist lifestyle with simple, plant-based, gluten-free food and an unfussy outlook on life. Her guy's favorite dish is a salad. A man salad to be exact. Jacqueline says, "Hungry man steak and potatoes is salad for the steak and potato kind of man. It has a healthy twist because Dad wants to live a healthy life and be a good role model!"

Make it^To make your guy a salad he'll love, visit Barefoot Essence!

Go strong with an impossible to resist main dish

Christina Hitchcock ribs

Christina Hitchcock writes the blog It's a Keeper. About her blog, Christina says, "It's a Keeper is about sharing my passion for cooking, recipes, helpful hints and ideas on how to cook more despite a busy life." And about her guy's favorite recipe pick, she says, "Slow Cooker Beer Braised Short Ribs is a manly recipe that's obscenely delicious, incredibly easy to make and virtually impossible to mess up. The ribs are meaty and fall-off-the-bone tender and the sauce is rich and hearty." Sold? Us, too.

Make it^For the full recipe, visit It's a Keeper!

Genêt Hogan crawfish etouffee

Genêt Hogan is the voice behind Raised on a Roux, a blog boasting recipes and life lessons from a New Orleans family kitchen. She says, "Crawfish Etouffee is a classic New Orleans dish comprised of crawfish tail meat smothered in an intensely flavored roux and seafood stock mixture."

Make it^Find out exactly how to make this exquisite dish for your guy at Raised on a Roux!

Julia Frey venison steak diane

Julia Frey is a food blogger at Vikalinka, whose motto is sharing tasty secrets for your family table. Her guy's favorite dish is Venison Steak Diane which she says is "a modern twist on the classic recipe of seared steak medallions accompanied by creamy sauce that is livened up by just a hint of spice." We'll take two please!

Make it^To make your own version of Julia's feast, visit Vikalinka!

End the meal perfectly with a to-die-for dessert

Garnish with Lemon molten chocolate cakes

Garnish with Lemon is a food blog featuring recipes for family meals written by two friends, Lisa and Anna. Both of their husbands' favorite recipe is Molten Chocolate Cakes and we can't say we blame them! Lisa and Anna say, "These warm molten chocolate cakes are our husbands' favorite desserts. They look decadent but are a quick and easy dessert you can whip up in minutes using ingredients found in your pantry. How can you go wrong with gooey chocolate desserts?"

Make it^To make your own — and really we all should — visit Garnish With Lemon!

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