Posted: Oct 24, 2013 10:00 AM
Going paleo? This caveman-inspired way of eating takes us back to our roots from long ago. We rounded up some of our favorite AllParenting recipes that fit within the guidelines of a paleo diet. You may be surprised at how tasty paleo can be.

Have you heard about the paleo diet? In the simplest terms, this method of eating takes us back to the days of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Think simple, wholesome choices from the food groups that were available back in the Paleolithic era — about 2.6 million years ago.

What can I eat?

paleo foods

Think like a caveman — what would have been available back in the day? Fresh meats such as beef, pork, lamb, poultry or game meat would be on the menu (free-range or grass-fed is a bonus). Fish and other seafood are also on the list, as well as all the fresh fruits and vegetables you can imagine. Eggs, seeds and nuts are included too. Natural, healthy oils such as walnut, flax seed, olive or coconut are also allowed.

What's off the menu?

Paleo diets exclude dairy products and potatoes, which weren't on the menu in the hunter-gatherer era. Cereal grains and legumes are excluded, including peanuts. Obviously refined sugar, salt, vegetable oils and processed foods are not a part of the paleo diet.

Our favorite paleo-friendly recipes

Here are a few of our favorite paleo-friendly recipes taken straight from the pages of AllParenting. Who knew getting back to your roots could be so tasty?

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Hungry? Scroll through our delicious recipes!

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