Posted: Apr 08, 2014 7:00 AM
It doesn't get much cuter than this edible Easter basket for your favorite dip.

Cabbage, easy-bake breadsticks and veggie dip become an appetizer worthy of table arrangement status with this darling edible Easter basket.

allParenting Edible Easter basket ingredients


  • A head of green cabbage (choose one with loose outer leaves)
  • 1 roll of easy-bake breadsticks
  • Your favorite veggie dip
  • 2 glass nesting bowls
  • A piece of ribbon


allParenting Edible Easter basket step 1

Open the breadsticks and separate into individual strips. Take 2 and pinch them together at an end, forming a long breadstick. Bend the breadstick into a U shape, forming the handle of the basket, and bake according to the instructions on the package. Let cool completely when done.

allParenting Edible Easter basket step 2

Begin by layering single leaves of cabbage around the inside of the larger bowl, letting the leaves drape over the edge of the bowl.

allParenting Edible Easter basket step 3

Place your breadstick handle into the bowl upright and then add more cabbage leaves to the bowl so that the handle is sandwiched in between the 2 layers of cabbage.

Now place your smaller glass bowl on top of the cabbage.

Spoon in your dip. Tie a ribbon to the top of your handle. Serve with your choice of vegetables.

allParenting Edible Easter basket step 4

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