Posted: Jul 31, 2014 8:00 AM
Newbies to the Whole30 program and loyal clean eaters alike will devour these Instagram accounts that feature the Whole30 lifestyle. Get ready for some major food inspiration.
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Start with the Whole30

The Whole30 program was developed by a husband and wife team, Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, who used their backgrounds in fitness and nutrition to develop first the Whole9 and then the Whole30 programs, both of which are wildly popular with health fanatics and wannabes.

With their bestselling book, It Starts with Food, as the basis of the program, it seems that more and more moms are using this method of eating as a way to change their habits... for good.

If you're already obsessed with Whole30 or just want to check out what it's all about (and, what you'll be eating), spend some time with these Instagram accounts that are run by Whole30 enthusiasts. You can also check out the Whole30 Instagram account for even more inspired Whole30 transformations and meal ideas.



As she says in the profile of her Instagram account, Ashley Reeves, AKA @amazon_ashley, is "fighting the frump" using Whole30 as her hard-knocking boxing gloves. A mom of three boys, we love following Ashley as she balances her Whole30 lifestyle with motherhood.



With nearly 30,000 followers on her Instagram account, Jenna, of @jennaskitchen, keeps gobs of moms and Whole30 lovers organized and inspired. Her accompanying hashtag #jennawhole30 has over 17,000 posts from other Whole30 users and she has even developed Whole30 weekly meal plans to get you through all 30 days.


When a photographer takes on Whole30 and posts all of her delicious, healthy, gorgeous meals to Instagram, she's going to make you hungry. Don't say we didn't warn you. Instagramming Whole30 devotee, @marlastarz, shares her adventures through Whole30, even as a mom with an infant at home, and now that she's on her second round of 30 days of clean eating (her husband is joining her for this round), there are plenty of tasty meals to scroll through on her account.


Likely one of the prettiest accounts in the Land of Instagram, Whole30 aside, @the_clean_wife will have you convinced that eating clean is the way to go. We especially love that she takes us grocery shopping with her, scooping up her Whole30 favorites at Whole Foods and even the drugstore.


Interested in doing Whole30, but concerned about how to manage it as a vegetarian? Check out @vegetarianwhole30 for food inspiration that will keep you on track... without a diet full of meat. Laurice, who is now working on 90 days with Whole30, can also be found on Facebook.


You may recognize Amy, of the @wholeamy Instagram account, from her main gig, owner of the super-hip Little Hip Squeaks children's clothing line. A mom who is doing an amazing job at balancing a thriving business, pregnancy and the Whole30 lifestyle, we love following her on Instagram. Be sure to follow Amy on her main Instagram account as well.

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