Posted: Sep 10, 2014 8:00 AM
Just because beer is known as his drink of choice doesn't mean that us girls can't enjoy a tall cold one from time to time. Here's the moms' guide to beers that will make you a beer expert in less time than it takes to pour a fresh pint.
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For moms who love coffee

Flavor profile:^ Moms who appreciate a good black cup of coffee will also appreciate a nice stout porter. It's a dark beer that has chocolate and sometimes even coffee undertones, for a rich beer that could practically be a meal. These beers do pack a punch in the alcohol department, usually over five percent alcohol, with stout porters going up to as high as 10 percent. A word to the wise: Drink these beers slow and let the first one sink in before you dive into your next
Spot it:^ You'll be able to identify a porter because of its deep, dark, nearly black appearance in a glass. It almost looks like it could be coffee and often has a dense head (that's the foam on the top of the beer).
On the shelves:^ Deschutes Brewery's Black Butte Porter

For moms who are kicking their feet up on the beach

Try:^Pale ale
Flavor profile:^ Super light, drinkable and popular for summer and warm weather, a pale ale is a great introduction to beer, if you are giving your taste buds a departure from wine or liquor. Pale ales are smooth and often have a hint of citrus. You can always kick a pale ale down a notch and order a blonde ale, or kick it up to the next level with an amber ale or an IPA (India pale ale).
Spot it:^ Pale ales are golden in color, with lots of carbonation bubbles and a light, frothy head.
On the shelves:^ Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.'s Pale Ale

For moms who love all things international

Flavor profile:^ An often unfiltered beer, hefeweizens have their roots in Germany, but are often brewed by domestic breweries. Hefeweizens are wheat beers, which means that they'll likely be a no-no if you are gluten-free, but for those who aren't, they'll easily transport you to a land where beer is served at breakfast, lunch, dinner and every meal in between. Seasoned beer drinkers often have strong feelings about hefeweizens — either loving or hating them — but we think they're a fresh choice during summer or fall.
Spot it:^ A hefeweizen is light and almost creamy in appearance and usually comes served in a tall, curvy weizen glass, with a slice of orange or lemon on the side.
On the shelves:^ Pyramid Breweries' Hefeweizen

For moms who are foodies

Try:^ESB (Extra Special Bitter)
Flavor profile:^ Now this is some serious beer. If you are looking to jump in the deep end, tasting beers that will push your palate to its limits, give an ESB a try. They are known for being bitter, with a hoppy profile from adding extra hops (the plant used to make beers like these) at the end of the brewing process. The result is strong, yet smooth, with low carbonation and flavor that will keep the interest of any foodie mom.
Spot it:^ You'll find an ESB with a dark, caramel tone. It's usually translucent without much sediment and served in a classic pint glass.
On the shelves:^ Elysian Brewing Company's The Wise ESB

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