You'll want to replace that delicate wine stemware with hearty beer mugs after you've sampled these incredibly scrumptious flavored beers.
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Raspberry Redemption

Joseph James Brewing Company

The Joseph James Brewing Company, a microbrewery in Henderson, Nevada, doesn't use syrup or fruit concentrate in their delicious recipe. They pour in loads of real, fresh raspberries, along with Hershey's raw cocoa and Belgian candy sugar for a beer that's both tart and sweet.

Purple Haze


If you prefer soda to beer, then you'll love Purple HazeĀ® from Abita Brewing Company near New Orleans. The raspberry flavor and aroma outweigh the slight wheat taste. You'll surprise your guests with the beer's subtle purple color, too. It's the perfect drink to serve with cheese or citrus fruits.

Tangerine Wheat

Lost Coast Brewery

Interestingly, Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka, California, was founded by women. Their fabulous Tangerine Wheat beer smells heavenly and boasts a lovely dark orange/honey color. The sweet aroma is complemented by a tangy, bitter aftertaste that's quite like tangerine zest. Divine.

Peach Porch Lounger

New Belgium Brewing

What do you get when you combine peach juice, molasses, grits, biscuit malt, lemon peel and yeast? This citrusy ale from the Fort Collins, Colorado, brewery. This particular brew was created in honor of blues musician G. Love, who wrote Front Porch Lounger.

Samuel Smith Organic Strawberry

Melbourn Bros. All Saints Brewery

This luscious fruit beer heralds from a small brewery in England. The strawberries are harvested from the region's organic crops and fermented with wild yeast. The beer exudes a dominant strawberry aroma but takes on a slight bitterness from the hops.

White Chocolate Ale

Sonoran Brewing Company

Not all flavored beers are fruity. Sonoran Brewing Company in Phoenix makes white chocolate and dark chocolate wheat beers. "Separately they're good, but when I expressed interest at a restaurant, the waitress recommended I order both and mix them in a third glass," says blogger Brian Penny. "I fell instantly in love."

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